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Fallout 4 Finalé

December 14, 2015

Dear Reader,

So as I predicted, I was pretty close to the end of Fallout 4.  It’s done now.  I had less qualms in the end than I thought I would, but I also didn’t end up helping the people I meant to help, apparently due to a decision earlier in the game that I don’t remember having consciously made.  Ah well, it turned out okay.

As last time, there may be some story spoilers here, so if you want to keep your play through wholly new, come back later and read this then.

So I was annoyed at having to piss off the Brotherhood, but their unwillingness to work with me and their uncompromising attitude towards ghouls and mutants – who we’ve seen both in previous games and in this game can be normal(ish) people – never really sat well with me.  At some level, I remembered them being bigoted tyrants in the past, but it didn’t fully come back to me until after I’d made my choice to continue to fake-help the institute so I could free the synths.

Mind you, at this point I still thought I could still permanently ally with the Minutemen; I’d made every single settlement I could find into a safe, well-fed, hydrated, prosperous community.  I wanted to go forward with that, helping lead the Minutemen to be the final “major” faction of the Commmonwealth, and perhaps in the end they were, but I apparently finished the game with the Railroad, having at some point made some life-altering decision to finish their story line rather than the Minutemen’s.

That’s not a huge deal, as from what I read afterwards I would have ended up doing basically the same thing, so I assume I got nearly the same ending.

All told, I played for about 74 hours with very little repeat; I’m a habitual quicksaver, so when I mess up I rarely have much to redo.  I missed two side quests that I have no idea where they began/ended but I know about because of quest items in my inventory, something about Eddie SomeGangster who did bad things and something about a silver superhero whose stuff I found.  I finished a lot of others, some of which were very satisfying, like when I saw Virgil in his human form, meaning that those who wish to be cured of mutantism can be.

I took some special satisfaction at killing both my son and the leader of the Brotherhood, who turned into a real bastard after I helped the Institute get what it wanted (even though I was still planning on betraying it).  If he’d just been a little more patient, he’d have seen my actual endgame and could have continued flying around on his blimp, though really I suspect he wouldn’t have been cool with the Minutemen in the long run and would have had to go sooner or later.  Power armor helmets doesn’t hold up well against a scoped Gauss rifle.

I didn’t feel too bad about killing the Brotherhood jerk at the police station or his boss, but I did feel a little guilty about killing all the scribes, especially the one in the police station.  It makes me wish I’d gone down the charisma tree and seen if I could cow some of those people into surrender, but alas, it was not to be.

So overall, I would give Fallout 4 a 9 of 10, with the one missing point being that some systems weren’t well explained and that I didn’t think the game should allow you to be a secret agent doing counterintelligence missions and then tell you that you couldn’t do that any more.  Let me do the mission and get caught by the Brotherhood.  Let me go back to their ship and be surprised that they’re pissed.  That’s how consequences work.


Stubborn (Railroader after all)

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