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Why are Things so Heavy in the Future?

October 21, 2015

Dear Reader,

As a nerd, I feel a moral obligation to write a little something today about Back to the Future.  It has had, I believe, a larger effect on my life than perhaps any one movie should have.

Goonies and Back to the Future were my first two “theater” movies.  I’d seen other movies before that, sure, on VHS tapes, or so I assume.  I have no memories of movies prior to those two.  I assume I saw Goonies first, simply because it was released about a month before Back to the Future, but in my memory Back to the Future was my first movie, as during it, I lost my first tooth, which feel to the ground on a popcorn-covered floor and was never found, much to the irritation of my mother, who still complains that she couldn’t keep it.  Keeping teeth seems weird to me, personally, but hey, I’m not a parent, and my parents are weird, so it doesn’t seem too outside the norm.

Back to the Future sticks in my mind too because of the dramatics of it.  It was my first “adult” movie (if you can call it that), meaning that Goonies was a movie about kids for kids, but Back to the Future seemed to be about the adult world.  There was science, and love, and awkward moments in underwear.  It had “high drama” (to a child), with one problem developing after another in a constant stream of horror as one solution to the power problem at the end led to another problem.  It also had death in it – something not in Goonies.  We see the skeleton of Chester Copperpot and the pirates, but no actual death.  But Doc Brown died at the start of Back to the Future (or so we children, uninformed about “thinking in the 4th dimension,” thought).

Back to the Future had a major impact on me as a nerd, as well.  I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of time travel, for one, and it was certainly a gateway movie that got me more into sci-fi.  Back to the Future definitely contributed a lot to making me me.

So happy Back to the Future day!


Stubborn (and old)

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