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Games for Trips and 10 Years!

August 9, 2015

Dear Reader,

No, not my blog.  I did cap over 600 posts a few back.  I’m notoriously bad at noticing these things, though, so I mostly just ignore them.  No, the ten years noted above is for my marriage to my wonderful wife.

We took a “working” trip to New York to help my buddy with several legal and procedural things, but afterwards we went to Niagara Falls, a natural wonder that neither I nor my wife had seen before.  We got a lot done in the first half and enjoyed the second half, but we were also both glad to be home.

I downloaded four tablet games to play while I was away and didn’t have other things to do (like when my wife was taking her turn driving or we were sitting while waiting on my buddy).  I enjoyed all four of them and figured I’d mention them here today with a brief description of each.

The game I played the least of the three was You Must Build a Boat!, a sequel to 10,000,000.  I bought it immediately upon its discovery simply because I enjoyed the first game so much.  It’s a similar premise, really, with the only real changes I’ve found so far being that the stages are different and there’s some new “rooms” to unlock.  Nonetheless, it was enjoyable, but its familiarity lost out to the “newness” of the other three games.

Monument Valley was the second “least played” game, but with an asterisk; I enjoyed the game so much I finished it, but it was short.  Monument Valley is a puzzle game based on perception and misperception; you play as a girl lost in a world of impossible monuments, forced to solve each so you can return some semblance of spatial sense to the place.  It tells a simple but powerful story and has a unique art style.  My only complaint is about its brevity, but really, it’s a completely solid game; I just wanted more.

The other two games pretty much tied for “amount played.”  The first is Sorcery! 2, a role-playing game based on a series of choose-your-own-adventure books.  I never read/played the books, but I did read/play the “Lone Wolf” series, which functioned similarly.  Instead of just the twisting narrative, you play an actual character with items, spells, and other resources which can simplify or complicate certain encounters.  What I enjoyed the most from the story, though, was the twist that I didn’t know was coming.  I had come to believe that the game was meant to be played over and over so that one could experience the various options and choices, but – minor spoiler here – that turned out to be incorrect.  Upon “completing” the game, I learned what the game was actually about.  I didn’t see that coming, so it left me feeling excited to continue.

The final game that occupied my attention, I’m somewhat embarrassed to say, was a digital collectible game called Quiz RPG.  I chose it so that my wife and I could play a game together that used both our strong suits – trivia – and also had a sense of progression attached.  It’s a free to play game with all that entails, but it was interesting and enjoyable, essentially being a combination of Monster Hunter, Jeopardy, and Pokemon.  Some aspects of the game are still totally opaque to me either from lack of tutorials or experience on my part, but I dove in and enjoyed answering trivia questions about a variety of topics.

So those are four games that I kept myself occupied when I wasn’t helping my buddy or having a blast with my wife.  I hope you enjoy them, too!


Stubborn (travelled)

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