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Steam Sales are my Vice

June 16, 2015

Dear Reader,

First off, here’s the final response from the Riot Custserv in my “I agree” trials.  Seems about as fair and balanced as I could hope, really.  This custserv person was calm and polite the entire way through, so I really I can’t have any animosity towards the process.  It’s the system that’s messed up.

Hello again Cripplemronion,

While I am pleased that you so readily took my house quote to heart I must clarify that regardless of my thoughts on the matter we simply do not have the tools to remove that prompt. I have read through many a players dissertation on their feeling towards this prompt, and the major point they made is reflected in your own response here, in that it’s language is too harsh and/or accusatory. To this I would agree, but at the same must reiterate that these situations must be addressed strictly as they do cause a very negative experience for the player base overall. On the other hand I often deal with players wanting more from the LeaverBuster system until there are no more leavers altogether. There is just no simple way to address everyone perfectly.

I have thought on your example and to it I personally would not drop to the level of those other players. Regardless if they were not following Summoner’s Code my course would remain clear. As for muting them; though it can be tricky initially I have seen plenty of players of all skill levels rarely use chat or use it minimally and still manage to be quite successful. Only by subjecting to those players by allowing their negative action to influence your own course do you empower them.

Please let me know if you have any further questions,

<Custserv Rep>
Player Behavior and Game Support
“Standing defiant in the face of adversity must be tempered with reasoned judgement”

TL;DR: Shut up and stop whining, player.

Ah well, I didn’t really expect anything else.

On other fronts, I finally convinced my wife to try a “first person” game.  She doesn’t like guns (neither do I, really, but I still play FPS games) and has refused to even try any FPS games for years and years.  She’s also not a huge fan of zombies, so that double eliminates a lot of the genre.

She seemed mildly interested in 7 Days to Die, though.  Since we were only using bows for the most part, she didn’t have as much of a problem with the “gun” angle, and she liked the “crafting” element of the game, but of course the zombies did nothing for her.

Enter Ark, the dino-themed survival game that was recently released.  She was actually willing to play it, so we scooped it up and have been giving it a go.  I’m pretty happy overall with it; it’s in very early release (probably the earliest release I’ve started playing), so it’s got a few issues with it, but I’m enjoying the general experience.  For one, I get to play with my wife and my buddy, somewhat of a rarity these days, and two, it’s a beautiful and exciting game over all.

I’ll give you a more thorough run down on it another time, once I’ve logged more than a few hours, but so far I can say it’s basically 7 Days to Die with better graphics and a Jurassic Park theme.  If that sounds good to you, let me know, and if you want to join the tribe of Mazel Tuffs (my Jewish buddy picked the “gang” name), let me know.


Stubborn (and on summer!)

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