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Hilarious Mishap

November 26, 2014

Dear Reader,

You may remember my Star Wars mishap involving knocking Lord Scourge – who needed to be “killed” according to the quest – down into a pit where he took a knee and then needed to be spoken to.  Since we could no longer reach him, my buddy had to redo the entire dungeon, which took about an hour the first time.  I was not asked to come along a second time.

Well, I did it again.  Apparently, one should not kill the drakes that the twilight sappers ride.  My buddy asked me to come along to Dragon Soul with him solely to act like a paperweight on the Spine of Deathwing; it kept flipping over on him in weeks past.  I agreed, and we blew up the first few bosses in hilarious manner.  But on the airship, my Starfall really shone; it killed the dudes and the drakes almost before they dropped.

WELL.  I got one of the twilight drakes that the sappers ride in on, and this was the outcomeWoWScrnShot_112614_000949

I instantly died.  No damage.  Just death.  Then my buddy finished the boss, and… it didn’t register as finishing.  It just stopped, with the captain offering to start the encounter for the boss we’d just killed, not for the Spine of Deathwing.

Well, my buddy was a bit miffed, as it seemed, again, that I had messed up his plans.  Of course, this time it wasn’t intentional, but still.  The only reason he’d brought me was for Spine, and now thanks to my odd bugging of the boss, we couldn’t do Spine.

We did eventually get it worked out with character switches and rezoning, but it took as long as basically the entire instance.  So a word of warning – don’t kill the sappers’ drakes.  It will go poorly.

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