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WoD and Donations

November 13, 2014

Dear Reader,

So while I’ve been silent about it, I have been pretty excited about the Warlords of Draenor release.  I had to decide which character to level – or so I thought – as it turns out that I’d forgotten that I’ll likely be leveling several of them, since I’ll need one to play alone, one to play with my wife, and one to play with my buddy.

In the end, I decided to level my druid solo, simply because I like how much versatility druids have.  I’ve only done a little bit so far – I only just opened up my Garrison before my bedtime and the lag made me decide to take a break – but I’ve enjoyed it a lot.  I like the crisper graphics.  I have run into some trouble with starfall; I’m going to have to really manage that button a lot better.  The nigh-infinite respawn in some of the areas mixed with starfall means that there are times that I just don’t get out of combat.  Sure, I could stop hitting starfall at some point in there, but that seems like it would be an admission of defeat!

I didn’t really read anything about WoD because I didn’t want it to be spoiled.  I knew there were garrisons, of course, but didn’t know anything about them.  Since I only just sent my first lady off to do something, I still don’t really know anything about them, but they certainly seem like the kind of fun I enjoy.  I always liked the officer missions in Star Trek Online and the follower missions in Star Wars (though there were some funny bugs in there), so I assume managing this will become a bit of an obsession, too.

On a really sweet and a bit weird side note, after my last post about gambling on a rare pet and having invested all my 25k in it, someone anonymously sent me 25k gold in the mail.  To whomever that was, I want to give you a hearty thank you, but I also feel a bit weird accepting charity like that.  I won’t be so crass as to ask to give it back, but it’s certainly a strange first for having written this blog for so long.  The best treasures this blog has provided have been the friendships its engendered with a variety of awesome people all over the world.  The 25k was a very different benefit, so thank you, anonymous donor, for both the money and the experience of having a patron (;


Stubborn (and patronized – in the good way!)

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  1. JD Kenada permalink
    November 13, 2014 8:46 pm

    Readers and fellow bloggers in general are a very kind lot. I’ve spoken of it numerous times, but the only reason I had Mists was because some fellow bloggers got together and bought it for me “just in case I changed my mind.”

    And that’s just one example that comes to mind. I’ve had plenty of in-game experiences for certain. We’re generous and we can be sneaky as hell about it. Lol.

    • November 14, 2014 6:50 am

      I agree; I rarely lobby a concern or complaint that isn’t responded to with suggested solutions. I’ve gotten guild invites when I was in bad guilds, reference material when I was confused, and many, many pieces of great advice for when I needed it. This has been the first in-game action, though, which is why it surprised me so much. It was anonymous and out of the blue, so that’s likely why it shook me a bit – in a good way, but shook nonetheless.

      Thanks for the comment!

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