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More Bundling

November 4, 2014

Dear Reader,

So another Humble Bundle came along of which I didn’t have any games.  That’s getting increasingly rare, though to be honest, I’m willing to double-purchase a game in the bundle and just gift it.  I snatched the purchase up and have been trying out the various games included.

One real gem I found so far was Betrayer, a first-person “shooter” that’s really much more about narrative and exploration.  The game seems to defer to the type of game play I prefer; I spend plenty of time checking nooks and crannies while sneaking around to kill monsters with sneak attacks.  The default weapon is bow and arrow, as well, which I like; having limited ammo and needing to judge distance on my long-range shots to adjust the angle of fire is a real pleasure.  Its setting and art style are unique, as well.  I suggest, should you get a chance to play it, that you do so.

In WoW news, I made my own Halloween terror by making a huge investment in an attempt to double my money.  I’m getting quite nervous that I made a mistake, though, so I’m living in perpetual terror of having lost my money.  You see, dear reader, a Crawling Claw showed up for about 25k on the AH.  They’re often 60 or 90k, and the leveled Claws are more like 120k.  I’m not greedy, but I saw an opportunity, so I bought it, spending virtually all my money (yes, I’m bad at making money in WoW).  I power-leveled it in a half hour or so and put it back up on the AH for 50k – still cheaper than the next level 1 Claw.

Then another 25k Claw appeared.  Yes, it’s level 1, but still.  It’s been a few days now with no bites, and while the market hasn’t changed at all in that time, well… THE MARKET HAS CHANGED AT ALL IN THAT TIME, meaning mine is still the second from cheapest and no one has purchased any of them.

So I don’t know.  This wouldn’t be the first time I got burned trying to play the AH, but it would be the first time I left myself nearly destitute to do so.  I’ll tell you more when I know more.

In other gaming news, I’m still playing X-Com, and have had a minor realization.  If I just keep not capturing an alien, I may be able to keep leveling and improving without advancing the story.  I must have “rushed” the last games I played; i always did what I was told (make the arc thrower, capture a live alien, capture a commander, etc) as soon as it was available.  I was a good little soldier in that way.  Now, I’m just trucking along, getting better and better armor and weapons, shooting down scrub UFOs when I can and looting them.  I’ve mostly controlled the panic, though I did lose Australia or somewhere like that.  Nowhere important (;  (Sorry Navi!).

I have Parent/Teacher conferences today, which has allowed this brief mid-day post.  I have all of 4 parents coming to see me out of 75.  In NYC, we didn’t give out report cards; parents had to come and pick them up.  I vastly preferred that, as it forced parents to engage with the school, and most of them, while they were there, figured they might as well talk to some of the teachers.  I probably had about 75% participation in the P/T conferences there, as opposed to a piddly 5%.

At any rate, I hope you’re all doing well!


Stubborn (and conferencing)

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  1. November 4, 2014 7:16 pm

    Patience is king with those luxury pet flippings. I used to do it with the Hyacinth Macaws pre-Cata – spend all my money and then wait in agony for a while for it to sell. But it always did. I think I flipped 4 or 5 of them, and the time it took to sell varied wildly. I think it took a couple of weeks for one of them.

    • November 14, 2014 6:49 am

      Thank you for the advice; I’ve been somewhat impatient before, and after a few misfires selling it, have just eaten the pet myself and kept it. This one, though, is different, as I don’t really have an option; I need to resell it. I’ll keep the patience in mind and my fingers crossed.

      Thanks for the comment!

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