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End of an Era

October 17, 2014

Dear Reader,

It is, by definition, the end of an era: the era of 5.0.  I’m pretty satisfied with the changes, to be honest, even though the last two times I was very dissatisfied.

I was able to achieve most of what I wanted in 5.0.  I blew up pet collecting, though not in the same way that my guild member Doda, did, who I’m a bit envious of (in a nice way).  She’s my local version of Navi, another pet master who I look forward to talking with in the new expansion about all the ways we can continue to poké it up.

I finished my challenge modes, and even really feel like I added value to the groups I was in.  That wasn’t so in my earliest ones, months ago, as I really didn’t know what the heck was going on.  My buddy Bury kept saying “Use cap!  Use cap!” but I had no idea what he meant.  Eventually I asked, and he was, of course, referring to capacitor totem, a button that wasn’t even on my bars. It was, shall we say, a sobering experience.

In the last few, we were being tanked by my buddy Lonnie, who I feel did a really excellent job for his level of experience.  He’s simply not done most of the dungeons this expac because, well, why would you?  He easily handled Shado-Pan and both Scarlets.  I kept on to help him, and he ended up getting them all done, too, at the very last minute, though I had to go to bed before that.

I felt a bit bad because I inadvertently engaged in some social vortexing of my buddy Balk.  You may remember the Penny Arcade comic about the “vortex of social obligations” (whoa – I’m the 3rd and 4th Google link when you search “Penny Arcade” plus that phrase…).  I’ve felt that way before, burdened but feeling obligated to help someone in my guild.  I asked Balk for help, to which he immediately obliged, but as the help grew from helping me with my 3 to helping everyone with all their dungeons (Lonnie had zero before those three), the vortex sucked Balk in.  Balk had a lot of other goals that I think he didn’t get done because he was helping us, which kind of stinks, and for which I know both Lonnie and I are sorry (though perhaps Lonnie less so since he capped over 200 mounts with all the phoenixes.  What an ugly looking word: phoenixes).

Regardless, I had a lot of fun doing them, even when we were struggling.  I had a lot of fun with Brawler’s Guild, too, with the universal “un-fun” Hexos fight.  I was stuck there for quite some time, then, one morning, I angrily tried and “one-shotted” it (if you can call failing 100 times then succeeding the first time on a new day one-shotting).  I look forward to the expansion of that mini-distraction, as well.

As for the changes, well, there’s a lot, but I stand by my statement that I feel the classes were changed less this expansion patch than the last two.  It may be that my dps role is what didn’t change, that my specific main class and spec – ele shaman – didn’t change that much, or it may just be that I’ve skewed the size of the change in the last two patches in my memory, but I just don’t see a huge change like I did after 4.0 (where I was druid healing and they broke it… or unbroke it, perhaps) or 5.0 (when I was pally tanking and they broke it… or unbroke it, perhaps).

I also love the stat squish.  I’m a big opponent of power creep, and as the WoW graphs show, there’s been a LOT of that over the past few expansions.  Going from 4k or so tank hp to over 1 mil tank hp over 4 expansions doesn’t show a logical, linear progression.  I’m glad that they’ve reigned it back in a bit.

I’m confused about all the new gemming and enchanting numbers; apparently old stuff may be better than new stuff – I don’t know.  I’ve heard a lot of cross-talk about it, but haven’t done any investigations. Regardless, it seems like something that will likely be fixed, so I’m not investing a ton of time into it.

The real time investment comes with my perennial (or bi-annual, to be more accurate) decision: what do I want to play in the next expansion?  I don’t care so much about being the “best” class within a particular role so much as I want to make sure I can contribute without bringing the group down (like bear tanks were “so bad” back whenever).

I don’t know if I want to stay with my shaman or not.  It’s become very familiar and comfortable, so there’s a draw to stay, but at the same time, I like to experiment and do other things.  I liked my mage a lot for its mobility, for example, and my rogue for its sneakiness, and my druid for its versatility, so I’m just not sure where I’m going to land.  I’ve got a month to think about it.

So at any rate, that’s where I’m at for the moment.  I hope you’re enjoying the patch as much as I am (old raids are LOLZ mode now, btw, if you haven’t been in there).


Stubborn (and LOLZing old raids for fun and mounts)

P.S. Oh, as a plug for my new moonlighting job, head over to Epic Slant Press (I can’t link here because I’m at work and can’t access “gaming” websites – should I be insulted I can get to Sheep The Diamond?  But it’s in the sidebar).  I’ll be featured there once in a while, and the other authors are excellent writers who you should check out, too!

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  1. October 19, 2014 10:17 pm

    “Balk had a lot of other goals that I think he didn’t get done because he was helping us, which kind of stinks”

    I didn’t get Proving Grounds done, which was a minor issue…larger issue was not finishing the last “Collect Your Deck” achievement (or something like that) for Brawler’s Guild. Chased down 11 bosses ranging from flying all over the world to doing my farm with bad crops for an RNG drop for a month to farming archeology for hours to grinding out Darkspear Rebellion stuff to doing Darkmoon Faire mini-games. And missed out on the 12th boss by about 30-60 minutes that required me to level the stupid battle pets.

    So I get no credit for the achievement.

    Strictly speaking, though, I should have started it sooner and done something like play less Civ V with you the few weeks prior. But yeah, I didn’t expect to go from 3 challenge modes to all NINE challenge modes and then to TWELVE challenge modes (repeating some of the ones we already did). I think I only actually wound up doing like 6-7 of those with you but…yeah. That was the source of my frustration. Not the fact that people were messing up on the challenge modes…the fact I was rapidly running out of time to do the stuff I needed to do.

    I wound up needing less than another hour that I didn’t wind up having. Lesson learned.

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