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Google Training

September 16, 2014

Dear Reader,

Today, I got to be the recipient of “Google Training.”  Naturally, this was a complete waste of my time, as I used to be one of the  (unofficial) “Google Experts” at my old community college, a place where, if I said I knew how to do something, I was respected enough to be believed. Sadly, such is not the case, anymore.  Now, though I know just about everything there is about basic Google app functionality, I get to sit through 45 minutes of “training.”

Naturally, the first fifteen minutes was used to check if I set up my non-Google gradebook properly.  At the beginning of the year, we were sent an email describing how to set up the gradebook, which I followed to the letter, as I assume most people did, so this checking over my work was, again, a waste of time.  On top of that, that I had to sit long enough to write this correspondence instead of working on things for my students certainly indicates that there was a problem.

Forgive this general venting session, but this is precisely what I hated about being a student in school; I don’t need to sit and do boring old things simply because some of my colleagues can’t follow directions, and as an adult, I damn well don’t need to be told that my work needs to be checked after I tell someone I did it.

This is a common problem with teachers; I may have fallen into it myself if I weren’t with my wife.  She put a quick stop to any of that nonsense when I started coming home and being bossy. Teachers often don’t have an “off” switch; they begin to treat other peers the same way they treat their students.  Since some teachers treat their students pretty terribly, this means that they end up treating their peers pretty terribly, too.  For example, I got snapped at today as if I was a child because I dared to point out that I had gotten the set-up email and followed the directions instead of just silently complying with the trainer’s orders.

By the end of the training, we had covered how to sign in to a Google account, change one’s password, and use Google docs.  What revolutionary new things I’ve been exposed to in this forty-five minutes of training.  What revelations.

In gaming news, well, frankly, I haven’t played any.  My parents were visiting, so I spent almost the entire time with them.  Now they’re gone, though, so I can get back to my regular routine.

More on games next time.


Stubborn (and poorly trained)

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