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School’s In

August 27, 2014

Dear Reader,

Things are progressing pretty much as expected at school.  It’s been cake, and I’m really enjoying it, but man oh man am I tired.

I don’t think I’ll feel this way all year; heck, I doubt I’ll even feel this way by the end of September, but my body is taking some time to readjust to the early morning rising and being on my feet most of the day.  I get home super tired with very sore feet and just want to sit around.  Yesterday, in fact, all I did was watch T.V. from when I got home until when I got to bed; that may sound like a normal night for some folks, but that’s pretty abnormal for me.

As a result, my game time has gone way, way down.  I stole a few hours of Hand of Fate in the past few days, but that’s about it.

So there’s really not much to report.  Hand of Fate ramps way up in difficulty.  It may be that I’m just not very good yet, or it may be I that it needs some rebalancing – it is an “early access” game, after all.  Regardless, even though I’m failing a lot more than I did at first, it’s still maintained my interest, so that’s a big plus.


Stubborn (and fatigued)

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  1. August 30, 2014 7:47 am

    A bit late to the party, but I just wanted to add my congratulations on the new job. Having been through the job-hunting grind myself recently, I still remember how awful it was and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    I’ve only been working my own new full-time job for less than three months but have found it quite striking just how much less time I now have to play games and blog about them. It does get better though as you get used to your new work, once you’re not knackered all the time anymore and learn to manage your free time according to the new restrictions.

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