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Post-move Gaming

August 11, 2014

Dear Reader,

To be honest, the title is a little deceptive; most of my pre-move gaming is the same as my post-move gaming.  I’ve been playing some Civ; I actually beat it on the hardest level, Deity (“Only the best players in the world will beat it at this level”) with Jacob/Burynerds.  Twice, actually, since my blind buddy wanted to be an ass and say the one win was a fluke.

I’ve been in and out of WoW; I’m getting the late-expansion boredoms.  I’ve been leveling my rogue ostensibly to do PvP at 90, but I just haven’t gotten over that 90 hump yet.  I really don’t want to quest, so I’ve been slogging along slowly, doing a few pet battles here and there, just killing time.

I played a little LoL the other night with an Illinois friend, too.  It was nice to be back in a familiar setting with a friend, but a lot of my skills had rusted up, so I played rather poorly.  Not badly, mind you; I was still about 4:1 kill to death ratio, but still.  I can do better.

Jacob/Burynerds jumped into Magic: The Gathering Online, too.  I predicted that within a month he’d be making decks too good to play against my buddy and me.  It took more like a week, actually.  Part of that is the persistent power creep of the new cards; there’s a lot of cards in standard right now that just seem like cheap bullshit.  I’m sure there’s other cards to counter that cheapness, but since my buddy and I don’t have those cards, we’re essentially screwed.

We’ve been playing three-way free for all games, too, which were much deeper than the typical one-on-one.  I won two of the three, but only because in one of them Jacob/Burynerds was forced to save me because he knew he couldn’t kill my blind buddy on his own.  In the end, though, I eliminated both of them.  That’s the kind of deeper strategy I’m talking about; are we sure he’d have lost if he didn’t save me?  Was it the right play, or was there even a right play for him at all?

The largest change has been Elder Scrolls Online.  I mentioned before that the three of us had started playing it; it’s been okay, so far, but I’d mark it below The Secret World for quasi-modern MMOs.  I said at the start I didn’t think we’d even get to max level with it, and frankly, I stand by that now, 15 levels in.  It’s not that it’s unenjoyable – it’s quite fun at times, particularly 3 manning the 4 man dungeons – but it’s really a solo game that you happen to have a few friends around you playing at the same time.  I’ll write more specifically on it later, but let it suffice to say that I like the game, but it’s not enough MMO-y enough.

So that’s what I’ve been up to during the move.  See you Wednesday!


Stubborn (and moved)

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  1. August 14, 2014 12:13 pm

    One way to combat the power creep is to play pauper or a variant of pauper rules. One fun way that I’ll construct decks for just causal kickaround games is to limit myself to 5 uncommons, no rares or mythics, and the rest commons. There’s also singleton decks, where you can only have one copy of any card that’s not a non-basic land. Power creep is a real thing, and it’s a reason that I don’t play magic with a real life group that’s around me. Not that I can’t complete with the broken combo decks (my super powerful teched out combo/control deck almost always wins) but that’s just not FUN for me. The first time I wiped the table on turn 3 was awesome. The next few times wasn’t, though.

    Of course, I like the deck construction aspects as much as I like playing. I have a few other ideas, but they’re all face to face ideas. Damnit….this is going to make me reinstall MTGO.

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