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The Move is Complete(ish)

August 8, 2014

Dear Reader,

I am sitting now in my new office in my new house in Virginia.  All things considered, the move was very smooth; my only real avenue of complaint is the sheer exhaustive requirements of such a cross-country endeavor.  Other than that, things went pretty much as expected.

We did the drive in two days, stopping over Monday night in Lancaster, Ohio.  We drove through three big cities that first day: Indianapolis, Dayton, and Columbus, and I have to say that Indianapolis was a terrible hellhole while the other two were quite nice.  Get good, Indiana.

The second day was largely unexciting until the last two hours of the drive, which were entirely spent pumping the clutch as I went up and down the Appalachian mountains and around hair-pin turns while clenching my butt and hoping my brakes didn’t fail.  It was an – exciting – drive, but once it was over, it was smooth sailing into town.

The town itself is a tiny little nowhere except for the college at which my wife is to be employed.  We live on the campus in a standalone house owned by the college; my wife can walk 8 buildings down to her office each day.  The town is one of those throwbacks from the 1950s where you can – and many people do – leave their doors unlocked all the time.  In fact, in one of many misunderstandings with the property manager, the house was left unlocked for a week prior to our arrival with the house keys on the counter.  No families had moved in, nor axe murders hid in the attic, nor vandalism occurred.

It’s a lot smaller than the palace I used to live in; in fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s a room short of my needs.  But it’s not really a need to have a guest room; it’s a want, so when I’m being objective, I can say it’s a size I can live with.  It’s not terribly larger on the main level than my 1-bedroom New York apartment, which I was fine with the size of.  It has a few perks of its own, too, like ceiling fans in most of the rooms, a full-sized shower (I’ve been dealing with a standing-room-only shower for 4 years), and a pricetag reminiscent of my two-bedroom townhouse apartment I lived in in South Carolina a decade ago.

In the meantime, I’ve been unpacking and playing a few games.  I did get to do my flex on Wednesday, but I was so tired from the move that I just dpsed.  Against my suggestion, I was assigned the engineer on Garrosh, which I performed perfectly well – except I ran to the wrong side, since we use a different strat in flex than I’m used to in normal.  The raid very quickly shifted in response and no one died, until I completely failed to get the second engineer on either side and everyone died.  Ah well.

I’ve played some Civ 5, as well, and won again on Diety mode with Jacob/Burynerds/whatever he wants to be called this week, and he began to play some Magic Online with my blind buddy and me; three way games are much more strategically challenging, which is a nice change of pace from the usual blowouts one way or the other between my buddy and I.

I expect to return to the normal schedule next week, so keep an eye out on Monday!


Stubborn (and Virginian, now)

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  1. August 8, 2014 11:13 pm

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