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Guest Post by Anistazia on Good Moments in WoW

August 2, 2014

Dear Stubborn’s Readers,

I wanted to take some time to talk with you about some funny and good moments in WoW that I have had over the years I’ve played.  Of all the games that Stubborn and I play together, WoW seems to be the one that we come back to time and again.

As I play my boosted warlock (life is so much easier as a warlock, why did I never play one before?), I’ve been wondering what is so good about WoW that keeps drawing us back.

Visually, WoW is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played.  I remember this moment in Theramore waiting for the boat and thinking how beautiful it was waiting on this dock looking out at the ocean.  It was calming.  I recently have had that calming on Isle of Thunder when you hear the waves against the beach.  Growing up near the beach, it is nice to hear it again, calming and amazing in a game.

What draws me back is the friends.  I enjoy the social aspect of WoW.  I’m not an achievement junkie, I don’t collect, I just play with my friends.  I really enjoy solving problems in WoW, like a raid boss where we need some new ideas.  I really enjoy talking it out and discussing different options.  I have always enjoyed being a part of those conversations.  Every great raid leader often has people in the background who are problem solving.

I really noticed how much friends are important to me in games when I was talking about this amazing girl I used to raid with, Valerius.  She was amazing, funny, and a fellow girl who enjoyed downing bosses.  I enjoy the in-game conversations and the life conversations with people.  People make the game for me.  I enjoy the different personalities, how the same and different we all are.

So if I could recommend something to you readers, take time to hear the waves, take time to see the beauty and take time to have a genuine conversation with your fellow raiders or guildmates.


Anistazia (Mrs. Stubborn, as she is occasionally known, though more often I get called Mr. Anistazia)

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  1. August 2, 2014 1:13 pm

    The people definitely make or break WoW for me. Usually I stopped playing when you, Stubborn and Erawan took breaks. During those times, the game just wasn’t strong enough to keep me going solo.

    As for you being called Mr. Anistazia, I find it funny that people are still surprised when they encounter a female player. I wish we had demographics on the age and gender of WoW players, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be available. The best info I’ve seen is that the player base is 85% male, which may or may not be accurate anymore.

    The latest ESA research suggests women make up 48% of gamers (up from 42% in 2011), but that includes all video games, including mobile platforms. Either way though, I will never again assume that the person on the other end of that avatar is male, regardless of the avatar’s represented gender. (Hey, even Mr. Stubborn has been known to be female on occasion.) 😉

  2. August 2, 2014 9:13 pm

    They call her Mr. Anistazia to indicate Stubborn is the wife and she’s the husband 😉

    The information I’ve found indicates that most of WoW players are between 20 and 40 and about half of them are female. Males do tend to dramatically dominate the below 20 range, though.

  3. Beshara permalink
    August 4, 2014 10:53 am

    The people definately make the game enjoyable for longer than the content does. I’ve had a lot of good times with good people over the years, from Vanilla to Cataclysm. Unfortunately, it was a string of bad people experiences that caused me and my husband to call it quits in Mists. I was very happy to see that you two were able to find a guild that you enjoy.

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