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Guest Post by “Jacob” BuryNerds on Burnout

July 25, 2014

Dear Reader,

So as some of you may have heard, Stubborn has an excuse as to why he can’t write for this blog for a little while.  Something about moving halfway across the country and it being challenging or something.  Anyway, luckily for all of you I am here to fill the void.  On the Internet pretty much everyone calls me Bury and have been referred to on this blog as Jacob or new guild buddy in the past; you can all call me Bury though. Stubborn has asked me in the past to write a counter argument to his post about Dota and occasionally for my thoughts on other things.  So when I found out he was going to be abandoning his blog for a period of time I figured now was probably as good a time as any to give this a shot.  I have never written a blog post before so if it sucks you can all suck dirt; I don’t really care.

We have now been in SOO since September.  This brings us to 10 months in Siege with a lot guilds – including mine – having had Heroic Garrosh down for 20 or more weeks.  Burnout is setting in hard across the game, and I am no exception.  My personal way of dealing with burnout has always been to scale back my weekly raiding commitments some.  Not permanently, but usually I will take a few weeks during the farm stage of the tier to only raid in my main raid which is usually down to 1-2 nights at that point.

Some guilds like to close their doors for the summer, and some raiders just drop off the map without another word.  Unfortunately this is something that I think isn’t talked about enough in high end raiding guilds.  A significant portion of guilds that I have been in simply didn’t acknowledge that burnout was a real thing and just expected raiders to push through and grind it out before the new content comes out.  This isn’t usually super conducive to keeping a raid together in my experience.   Sure there are a few players that will grind it out, but some will simply get so fed up, bored, frustrated, annoyed, and whatever that they just disappear.  On the same note I think that some raiders feel that being burnt out on a tier is something to be ashamed of.  They won’t bring the issue up to leadership and just end up fading off the roster because they are just not enjoying playing any more.

We all play this game to have fun, and even at the high tier level we play to enjoy ourselves.  As we reach the end of a tier – especially a longer tier like this one – burn out can start eat into that fun pretty rapidly.  If the guild isn’t addressing it, it can very quickly turn even the best of guilds into a guild that can’t field a full raid in the space of a few weeks.  I think communication from all sides is essential in keeping player burnout in check.  Without that, no one really understands where anyone else is mentally.  I also think allowing your raid team to become mentally fatigued doing the content even if you manage to keep everyone raiding until the next tier hurts your progression when you do get there.  Taking a guild break toward the end of a tier can help to get everyone in a place where they are hungry for the content when you start back up again.

So readers, how do you all deal with burnout?  Recently I have been enjoying my time outside of WoW with Stubborn, his wife, his (probably now our) buddy, and our Cubano friend playing Elder Scrolls Online or some Civilization V.  Part of the reason I have enjoyed those games as much as I have is that they are just breaking up some of the monotony of WoW as we come to the end of MoP.

Anyway keep your burnout and check and if you need to take a break take it.  Don’t abandon your team; let them know what is up with you and where you are at mentally.  I bet 9 times out of 10 you will be surprised how accommodating the leadership is willing to be for raiders with this issue.


Bury (feeling a little crispy)


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