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The Joy of Civ

July 21, 2014

Dear Reader,

So, I haven’t gotten a lot of the superfluous WoW activities done this week, like my Firelands or ICC runs, because instead I’ve been playing Civ 5.  Surprisingly (or not, since it’s a very popular game), a lot of the people in my gaming circle turned out to already own it.  So when the nice guy in our guild, who has instructed that I refer to him as “Jacob” on this website, found out that so many of us owned it, he suggested we all put together a game and play.

So we did.  We’re only about halfway through it, but so far it’s been a lot of fun.  I see a very slow end-game, since we have 10 civs in the game and, by the time the whole map is revealed, each turn will take forever to process.

I ended up getting India, which is great for me since I love to make a lot of culture, and its civilization bonus allows big cities with fewer penalties, making culture progress a bit easier.  However, I ended up in a huge, empty area near an enemy Civ, so if I didn’t fill it, the enemy might.  So I actually ended up in a position where I have a ton of cities, instead.  Bleh, but it was better for the team that I do it.

The AI, though, is behaving oddly; half of their team made a settler but never founded a second city.  We’re blowing them out of the water as a result, but I haven’t a clue as to why they behaved that way.  I feel like capturing their cities just to destroy their stupid settlers, which I’m tired of seeing sitting there doing nothing.

On a separate note, I’ll be moving two weeks from today.  In a few posts, you should expect to see a hiatus note; I can’t keep this going when things get really busy here.  Be prepared.


Stubborn (Jacob is the pet’s name)

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