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Spoiled for Shortage

July 16, 2014

Dear Reader,

From a gaming point of view, things are pretty good here.  Too often, I’ve had more than enough to post due to guild issues.  I have been accused in the past, in fact, of generating issues with guilds to have something to write about.  That’s not true, of course, but at the moment I find myself with a dearth of topics because things are, in fact, going so smoothly.

I’m in a position where I’m comfortably playing 4 characters in a guild with people who enjoy doing a wide variety of things and are very open minded about allowing participants to bring whatever character they want.  No “serious” guild would have allowed my to bring most of my characters on their “first” raids.  The irony, of course, is that this is a 14/14H both 10 and 25 guild, so they’re very serious about some things.  Yet they allowed me to take my shaman, which probably had less than 100k dps on my first raid, for example, and you read last week, dear reader, about my first experience tanking in flex.

I don’t think I’ve ever been comfortably rotating so many characters essentially on a daily basis, either, and I strongly suspect that’s because of my level of comfort with my guild.  When I was server transferring all over, looking for a home, it would have been too costly to take everyone to each new server, so I was pretty limited in my play choice simply by the financial restrictions of character migration.  Now that I’m pretty comfortably situated, I can slowly and surely consolidate my characters in one place, giving me a variety of characters from which to choose.  It’s certainly kept the play a lot more fresh and allowed me to fool around with different roles, specs, and professions.

In fact, I’ve been leveling my two new professions on my rogue: engineering and mining.  Some of my early posts were about how terrible leveling engineering was, but this time, the process has been much smoother.  I don’t know if they’ve streamlined the process, am using a better guide, or am just more familiar with the profession, but this time the engineering has flown by.  On the other hand, the mining has been a pain.  I’m fine with throwing money at the problem, but there are stages in the leveling progression where you can only get skill ups by actually gathering the mining nodes.

Now, to be fair, I admit that it’s not really a huge issue.  I can fly wherever and mine the stuff, hearth back, and be done in maybe a half hour.  It’s not a huge deal.  But still, I find it odd alongside a system that can allow you to purchase a level 90 with zero professions which will then, obviously, be power-leveled up.  It seems to me that those “gray areas” of skill ups should be smoothed out so that there’s always other options.  That way, if you want to sit around in town and buy your ore and smelt it to 600, fine.  If you want to fly around and save all your money by mining yourself, fine.  Either way, you have a choice.

So overall, I’m very comfortable and enjoying the juggling. Hopefully it will last.


Stubborn (and content)

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  1. July 16, 2014 7:55 pm

    In case you didn’t know, you can level mining 1-600 in Pandaria.

  2. Cain permalink
    July 17, 2014 8:13 am

    If you are cost conscious about paying to transfer all your characters consider just RaFing yourself. Nowadays with most things account wide there are less and less reasons to be tied to a specific character. Especially with a new expansion coming and everyone will be leveling again the gear difference won’t matter. This past winter I did my second round of RaF and using a staggered leveling approach to maximize my gifted levels, I got 11 characters on my main account to 85 in under two months for only $5 (because of the month you get free). I think the only toon I’d really keep transferring is my main since vanilla just for nostalgia reasons. They are supposedly making it much easier to level all professions in the next expansion, and that is usually one of the bigger pains in leveling new characters vs transferring.

    I actually wish the free 90 offered with the expansion was instead just $60 worth of blizzard services as I’d rather get two transfers or a transfer and a faction change then a free 90.

    I’m glad you found someplace you enjoy. I found a similar environment at the end of Cata in the guild Infallible, which was a top US guild at the time, but unfortunatlely they died at the end of ToES. Heroic guilds are often stereotyped as being the elitist jerks, yet it doesn’t have to be like that and there are guilds like yours out there full of great people that just happen to be really good at raiding.

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