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Oh, Hey, it was Monday – or – Weekend Normal Full Clear!

July 8, 2014

Dear Reader,

So a majority of my play time recently has been committed to Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall.  As you likely remember, I’m largely opposed to DLCs as a business practice, but this felt more like a true expansion to the game, so when it was on sale for about 5 bucks, I scooped it up.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it, but as I haven’t finished it, I don’t want to discuss it fully just yet.  Just know that it’s been very good, even better than the original, and it’s worth the cost.

In more interesting news, the somewhat on-again off-again Saturday raid was back on this week doing normals again, and it went very smoothly for the most part.  We got hung up on – of all bosses – Malkorok, but once we took care of the issues there, we went straight to Garrosh with relatively few problems.

Then there was Garrosh… Well.  It went a bit downhill from there.  I didn’t specifically time it, but I think we got through Thok in about 4 hours, then to Garrosh in another hour or so, and then we worked on Garrosh for like three hours.  Seriously.

First off, I really like the people in my guild I raid with; I would never raid for seven hours with people I don’t like.  Still, that’s a long raid; it’s like a day job.  By the end, I was making simple mistakes like running to the wrong raid marker and so forth.  It wasn’t a huge problem, of course, and it didn’t happen repeatedly, but still; it’s a little embarrassing to be mind controlled when you’re out in left field instead of stacked up like you’re supposed to be.

There was a serious tanking issue there, too; the guy who was tanking was trying to help the raid out, but he was in full monk dps gear, so the damage spikes were incredible.  He repeatedly died during phases where the healers needed to be  moving.  But he’d been there the whole raid on one toon or another, trying to help, so asking him to step out wasn’t really an option.

So I stepped out; I’ve killed Garrosh (I should say I was carried through a Garrosh kill) in the past, and I’m never really there for the loot, so I figured I’d free up the slot to get a real tank in so the monk “tank” could switch to dps.

They one-shotted after that, which I know everyone was thrilled about – myself included – because those Saturday raids haven’t gotten through Garrosh before, only to him.  Sure, it was a long raid nonetheless, but we finished.  My wife and I both have a normal mode Garrosh kill.  Hurray us!

Of course, my blind buddy “forgot what day it was” and missed the start of the raid.  Then, when we had a spot for him, he’d wandered away from his computer and missed getting invited.  So he missed the kill, but only through his own social ineptitude.  I’m sure he’ll get it in the future, though, and hopefully not after 7 hours.

So grats to all of us!


Stubborn (and Ahead of the Curve)

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