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Revisiting Old Posts

June 25, 2014

Dear Reader,

So, the seasonal question of “What Next?” in WoW has come back up.  In preparation for this, I’ve moved over my tanking pally and my rogue to my current faction and server.  The tank is largely just a lark; I don’t really expect to be doing any serious tanking any time soon; he was more of just a “move package” with the rogue.

The rogue, though, I have plans on leveling.  A really friendly guy in my new (is it time to be putting current instead of new?) guild does some arenas, and I thought I might jump in on those, should he be interested.  Arenas can be frustrating, of course, but the few I did with my old Arena partner, Baelstrom, on our team “Bael’s only Okay” (this is what comes from forcing me to do things like choose names – the HR term is “hostile compliance”) were actually pretty fun.  He was far better than “only okay;” he was, in fact, very good, and not only knew how to play his character, but how to manage the whole team, acting as a leader and an exceptional dpser.

Back then, I was pvping on my tank pally (as holy), and I did okay.  I realized my main goal was to keep Bael alive while CCing the enemy when I could.   There were less CC options back then for a pally, so it wasn’t too hard of a job.  He killed things; I healed him or others on the team.

I learned a lot about arenas I didn’t know before: pillar humping, for example.  How to use surprise AoEs to reveal stealthed starters.  I think I still have a relatively good concept of those things, but we’ll have to see.  Of course, I have to get to 90 first, then get at least a starter set of pvp gear.

Of course, that’s in the background to the flex raiding I’m doing and occasional Saturday raids.  I had been healing flexes, but I just don’t know if that’s what I want to do any more.  I don’t feel like it’s as visceral as it used to be; I feel like it’s a lot more micromanagement now.  I can play Civ 5 if I want that.  So I’m not sure yet who will be my main for the next expansion; I may go back to tanking again or continue with my shammy.  Only time will tell.

If you’re a frequent arena-er (arena participant?  What’s the term here?), particularly one with a rogue, and if you know some good strats or sites to check out, please let me know, dear reader.


Stubborn (future arenaer)

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  1. June 25, 2014 7:18 pm

    Try using Cloak of Shadows. I hear it really pisses off Shadow Priests.

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