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State of Yay!

June 23, 2014

Dear Reader,

As I’m sure many of you are aware, the Steam Summer Sale is in full swing.  Early on, I scooped up a game that caught my eye a few months back, but I’d never acted on that eye-catching due to the game’s price, my extreme cheapness, and my fear that this game was yet another copy of another popular game with little ingenuity that would end up providing little fun.

However, when the price fell to five dollars, I really couldn’t avoid purchasing State of Decay.  I have been happily surprised that I did.  You may be aware of the feature in Steam that shows you your game completion rate; mine’s 30%.  Not terribly below average, but not very impressive, either.  The facts behind that rate are simple.  I don’t feel obligated to play games that end up being a let-down.  I don’t feel obligated to finish games that I know I can finish.  I don’t feel obligated to push through grinds or trial-and-error style games.  I stop when I’m ready to stop.

As a result, when I report that I finished a game, it carries some weight.  I finished State of Decay in about 5 days, playing a total of 21 hours over those five days.  That gives State of Decay a 4x Ed Value, which stipulates a game should provide at least one hour of entertainment per dollar spent.  That’s a great ratio, and even better, I paid two bucks for the “endless campaign” DLC that will allow me to keep playing it and racking up a higher and higher Ed Value.

To put it simply, this game is a Saints Row / Grand Theft Auto style open-world exploration game with targeted storylines that takes place in a zombie apocalypse.  From what I saw, it was extremely well conceptualized.  I played it with a controller and found that the gameplay was smooth; my hard-of-sight buddy is playing with a mouse and has had few overall complaints.

I don’t often to get to play those GTA style games because I don’t play games that glorify crime.  As a result, I’ve missed out on a lot of that genre; this game more than made up for it.  You get to build a base, make decisions as to what to do with your resources, go out and fight zombies or stealth, gather resources of your own, and develop your character with special qualities.

The fighting system is nicely complex, too, and advances as your fighting skill improves.  Each button and button combo allows for different moves, but you can often get by with just pounding or slashing away if you’re not interested in learning the more in-depth fighting.  There is a good variety of zombies, too, though all but one are often a pushover; that one, though, is devastatingly dangerous, as are large hordes and infestations.

So overall, the game offers a complex fighting system, character advancement, base operation, exploration, and questing.  If that sounds like something you’d like, check out the price on the Steam Sale.


Stubborn (and Decayed)

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