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I’m Weak

June 20, 2014

Dear Reader,

I am a weak person.  Apparently, according to my buddy, I have no values to which I hold strongly.  I think he was being glib saying that, considering, you know, I’ve dedicated my life to educating others, but I understand his point.  After vowing no more server and/or faction transfers, I paid for server and/or faction transfers again yesterday.  What can I say?  I’m weak.

I started leveling a monk, you may remember, to have a tank on my new “full-time” server.  It went really well until about 40, when it started to get really boring, since I couldn’t just do each dungeon once and move on.  I thought about boosting the character, but that’s 60 bucks, and, well, I just didn’t really want to.  It was too much money.

So instead, I paid 80 bucks to faction and server transfer my rogue and just server transfer my paladin.  There’s a reason I’m an English teacher and not an economist.

So now I have a whole slew of characters on Greymane, ready, willing, and potentially able (my tank only has 650k hp) to do raids.  I’m all suited up.

I have to be careful, though; I don’t want to burn myself out with “should be’s.”  I already felt the tug this morning regarding my now three farms on one server.  I stopped myself, though, and went and did something else.

Speaking of raiding, Wednesday’s flex went really well.  Too well, almost, as I felt useless healing.  We had six healers, and one of them was top-end heroically geared, so I wasn’t really contributing much.  I switched to dps on Dark Shaman (to try for the xmog gear) and just stayed on as dps.  It’s so much easier to dps, no matter what other dps may say, and since I wasn’t really doing much as a healer anyway, I at least felt like I was helpful.

I also got my fourth heirloom – the bow – which will likely never be used.  I of course considered moving my hunter instead of my rogue, but I already have a ranged dps, so I didn’t really see a point.

That’s about all for today.  I have my first aid/CPR/AED training super early tomorrow, so I’ve got to go to bed early tonight.  I need to milk this day of all its potential goodness while I can.


Stubborn (and milking)

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  1. Cain permalink
    June 20, 2014 2:37 pm

    Try RaF then your idea of each dungeon once becomes pretty accurate. Many you may never even run at all. It’s a lot cheaper that way too as you can usually get another copy of the base game for $5. Granted that will only get you to 85, but still extremely fast and cheap way to get more characters on another server.

    • June 21, 2014 7:32 am

      I never considered that, nor do I really know what the mechanics are. Do you just get 2 level 85 characters? Why is it only 5 bucks cheaper? Do you have to sub for 3 mos. for it to work?

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. June 20, 2014 6:13 pm

    “Too well, almost, as I felt useless healing. We had six healers, and one of them was top-end heroically geared, so I wasn’t really contributing much.”

    Yeah, we technically only needed 3-4 healers and with that heroic geared shaman we could have gotten by with 2-3. Not your fault, mine!

    “It’s so much easier to dps, no matter what other dps may say.”

    Depends on the context, I think.

    For the most part, I tend to think tanking starts mattering for dungeons, healing starts mattering for raiding, and DPS starts mattering for heroic raiding.

    Or, in other words, optimizing DPS and pulling another 5% from better play doesn’t matter in dungeons. Or LFR. Or Flex. Or even most normals. But it matters more than tanking or healing in heroics.

    Tanks/healers tend to make or break normals while DPS make or break heroics.

    • June 21, 2014 7:31 am

      Actually, I think that your tiered “importance” system makes a lot of sense. Having leveled tons of toons in tons of specs, but only raided on a few, and only heroically raided on (now) two – I definitely see that progression.

      Interesting thought.

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