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May 16, 2014

Dear Reader,

I recently – finally – completed the noodle cart chain.  I actually really enjoyed the quest line; it felt like gathering the ingredients made sense in a way, though the actual cooking was a lot of gathering for us poor folk.  My buddy, my wife, and I did it together, so we were easily able to take care of all the dungeon line steps (which I was able to solo, actually, in normal modes), and even the 50 turtle grind at the end went quickly with a tank, a healer, and chain lightning.  Everything goes quickly with chain lightning.

Then came the last portion of the quest line, where you actually man (or woman) the noodle cart.  My wife loves this.  She’s done it every day, both the “normal” and “bonus” rounds, and she’s thirsting for more.  I liked it and thought it was a cute and original (for WoW) addition, but it reminded me of another game I played years and years ago, a game with a similar premise but a much better implementation (because it was, after all, a whole game, not one tiny mini-game).

The game, Ore No Ryomi (I played the second installation of it, but there are three now), was a fantastic and free find.  In Ore No Ryomi, you play a short order cook trying to run a successful restaurant.  Patrons come in, order, and expect their food in a timely fashion.  You have to go through a series of mini games to make food and take care of other responsibilities, like compacting trash, washing dishes, or even chasing robbers.

It’s a lot of really zany fun and has an absolutely fantastic soundtrack, so if you like the noodle cart, I heartily suggest you give Ore No Ryomi a try!


Stubborn (Master Chef)

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  1. May 18, 2014 11:13 pm

    End of expac has me rushing around to start and finish stuff that I’ve put off. My raid team has practically fallen off the face of Azeroth, so I find myself with a lot of free time. And if I have no goal, I quickly get bored and log off. But I found this great addon called “Notes” that lets me write/keep/share notes and to-do lists across toons, so no matter what toon I’m on, I can keep track of what it is I could be doing.

    Anyway, all this to say, I went on to the second part of the noodle cart questline, and I’m just anxious to finally serve one, and stand there, holding my cart! Corny, I know, but.. lol What can you do. Is your Ore No Ryomi something like Cafe World on Facebook? Or is it more developed?

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