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Addictive Personalities

April 28, 2014

Dear Reader,

I mentioned before that my blind-ish buddy had started playing WoW again.  I also mentioned I wasn’t 100% sure this was a positive development.  I thought today I’d talk a little bit about why I felt that way.

First off, I again want to thank everyone who helped make it possible for him to play.  Not only has he been playing alone a fair share, he’s been tanking dungeons, using various mods to help him know when to move out of fire and when to toss cooldowns on himself.  In fact, we ended up doing Mogu’shan Vaults, which probably has the least “blind-friendly” final boss of them all, but still, he managed to avoid the fire circles, the arrows, and the other weapons throughout the fight.  Huzzah!


Apparently on Saturday night he played until around 5 a.m.  I’m guessing this from his logoff information; I didn’t get to speak to him Sunday because he slept so late.  I talked to him Saturday night around 2 a.m. his time and told him to go to bed, as I was headed to bed, too.  He was just doing quests in the Dread Wastes, working on waking up the Klaxxi.  “These quests,” he said, “just keep coming!”

“Yes,” I responded, “That’s what they do.  You need to stop while you’re still ahead.”

Apparently he didn’t.

He partially avoided WoW because he has such an addictive personality.  He’s a content vampire, and I mean that in the negative, evil sense, not the sparkly, hunky sense.  He drains the content from video games, completing 40 hour games in three or four days at times, because he wants to finish.  Finishing is his raison d’etre, to borrow from the French: his reason for existence.

When I play with him, I can temper that; I get bored too easily, so we don’t play games for 10 hours a day, as I’d be ready to stop for good after that length of time.  That works at times with WoW, but he’s gone rogue – or, more appropriately, gone monk.

We got his warrior – his “main” – to 90 on our old horde server.  We then had to decide what we wanted to do.  He wanted to do some old dungeons, things I said I could solo on my shaman, who has, you know, pretty good gear.  He figured I could grab Stubborn, my druid, and we could go duo some level 80 raids for achievements and pets.  I figured why not try, but emphasized that if he was planning on moving his warrior, he might as well go ahead and do it, since I know I can solo the raids on my shaman.

But no, he didn’t want to do that.  Instead, we took our two “fresh” 90s (with a few Timeless pieces) into 25 man Naxx, he a tank and me a melee dps.  We were able to do most of it.  We couldn’t beat the achievement timer on 25 man Patchwerk, though, and Gluth was impossible; he couldn’t do enough dps to stop the zombies while I beat down Gluth, and I couldn’t tank the zombies well enough to keep Gluth from healing.  We gave up, disappointed, and I reiterated the point of moving his damn character.

Still, though, he wouldn’t.  He wants the Double Agent achievement, and wants to level a 90 ally before he moves his toon.  I suggested he just pop his 90, since he had planned to do that anyway, but no, he wants to level his new monk to 60 first to get a feel for it and get his professions leveled.

The real problem is that he’s got a fair argument.  Leveling a 90 with no idea how to play it seems like a bad idea, and I put in a lot of time leveling my professions from 0 to 600 – probably half as long as it would have taken to level to 60, so the time savings weren’t as much as I’d figured.  Still, that means we can’t actually play together for a while, which means he’s going to slip into old routines that may not be the best for him.

So yes, he’s an adult and can make his own decisions.  Yes, I’m mothering him and treating him like a child.  It’s our old routine, with about a decade of precedence now, and as much as he can’t seem to limit his play time so that we can play together, I can’t leave well enough alone and let him make his own decisions.


Stubborn (and exhausted)


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