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From the Horse’s Mouth: PAX East 2014

April 16, 2014

Dear Reader,

My buddy can’t really type his own post any more, so I asked him to talk a little about what he liked and didn’t like, and I transcribed it here.  This is mostly word for word, even though he asked me to gussy up some of his words.  I didn’t.

Things He Liked

Persona 4 Tournament

Our younger buddy entered the Persona 4 tournament, and we went to support him.  I liked the camaraderie; even though they were enemies, they were rooting for each other.  Guys who had been knocked out were pleased that they’d lost to the champions.  Our younger buddy was gracious in defeat.  The community seemed supportive rather than cut-throat.

Depression and Anxiety Panel

The panelists seem to have a grasp on the problems they were discussing, and they were solution-oriented.  In comparison to most “shill” panels that had an agenda to pursue, these panelists seemed genuinely interested in the questions and had organized, thoughtful answers.  The French dude who led the panel (Phillipe Menard) was truly a hero.

Jerry & Mike’s Relationship

I was confused to hear that they don’t fraternize outside of work any more – they’ve known each other for decades.  I wonder if it holds true that work and pleasure don’t mix.  It seemed unfortunate.  However, I liked how free and easy they were with each other; they didn’t have to pull any punches, so I’m confused as to why they don’t do that all the time.  Also, Mike is super-talented.

Things He Didn’t Like


There was no information about Elder Scrolls Online.  Just because it was already released doesn’t mean they should ignore it. Instead, they were pushing Wolfenstein.  They had a huge booth, but they couldn’t be bothered to put up a few Elder Scrolls demos.

Too Crowded

The lines were so long… it would be impossible to see everything you wanted.  Some people were waiting for things for more than an hour.  Also, because of the wheelchair, traversing some places was extremely difficult.

No Q&As

The best part of the panels – the entire conference – were the Q&As, because of how impromptu they are.  Without the Q&As, PAX sort of loses its diversity in its panels because the impromptu nature of the Q&A runs the gamut from heartfelt to funny to anything in between, and so many of the other panels feel scripted.  The Q&A also puts the control in the hands of the audience, which many other panels don’t.

Well, that’s all I could drag out of him!


Stubborn (and dictating)

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