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Still Crazy

February 21, 2014

Dear Reader,

Late and short post today, but I suppose that’s better than no post today.  Drywaller’s in, but my wife asked him to do a lot more than we’d initially contracted, so that’s pushed our timetable back, which pushes the painter back, which pushes the carpet cleaners back, etc etc.  Ah well.  It’ll get done, but it’s stress on ladders here.

Been playing a fair share of LoL and not much else; I don’t really know why.  I did enjoy my Wednesday night WoW flex raid, though my favorite healing druid wasn’t there, which put a damper on things.  How dare she be sick or something!  Still, it was a good, clean run, and I had plenty of fun with all my other friends in that otherwise hardcore guild.  There was a “new” flexer from that hardcore guild there, and she was clearly a hardcore player.  That’s not to say she wasn’t nice or interesting; she was.  Hell, she had more unique pets than anyone I’ve met in person; somewhere in the neighborhood of 565, so it’s not like raiding was her only thing in life or even in the game.  She was friendly, but she was also a little less patient with the flexers and a little more blunt and direct than I’ve grown used to.  She didn’t say anything negative to me, mind you; she was perfectly cordial, you could just… tell.  She was there for pets.  That’s it.  No shenanigans required or desired.

In LoL, I’ve been playing a lot of LeBlanc; I’d played her once or twice on a free week, and she was interesting, but she quickly fell off my radar for other favorites, and since I never saw her in games, I assumed she was fatally flawed somehow.  Then I had an excellent game versus a LeBlanc on mid lane with me as Teemo; I quickly learned that she could burst me down in a heartbeat, so I stayed away and let my mushrooms and extremely occasional pokes do the job.  Since she was so anti-Teemo (in gameplay and match ups), I figured I’d give her a try.  It’s certainly refreshingly different to be a lane bully instead of being so passive all the time.  I’ve yet to take her into a live game, but that’s only because people keep calling mid and/or top before I can, so I end up support (I refuse to jungle in a real game because I stink at it, and I don’t like adc too much).  I’ll likely see her in a live game by the end of the weekend, though, so we’ll see if she’s okay or like Kennan, who I suspect is mostly just dead meat in live games.

I’m also preparing for my first professional conference presentation.  If you check up on me, you won’t see Stubborn listed on the program, but I assure you I’ll be there.  I’m doing an hour-long presentation on using business techniques, mostly salesmanship, to motivate otherwise only moderately motivated students into staying in class and doing the work you ask of them.  It’s called “Motivation as Currency: How to Sell your Classroom,” which I think is a snappy title.  We’ll see if I choke or not.

Enjoy the weekend!


Stubborn (and late)

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  1. February 22, 2014 2:54 am

    “She was there for pets. That’s it. No shenanigans required or desired.”

    Funnily enough, that actually wasn’t even the main reason she was there. She wanted to observe some potential recruits who were possibly going on the run that day — which is why you hadn’t seen her each and every week or something.

    • February 22, 2014 11:17 am

      My apologies, then. Keep in mind that I found her perfectly pleasant; she was just clearly all business. And for the record, though I do remember ya’ll talking about the recruits not showing, she did directly state that she was “there for the pets.” She may have been joking or making a point about why she stayed around when there were no observations to be made, but that’s what I was drawing on.
      Regardless, I’m impressed by her collection!

      Thanks for the comment!

    • February 22, 2014 2:54 pm

      You don’t have to apologize 😛

      Wasn’t angry or something, just found it interesting that’s the impression she gave.

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