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November 13, 2013

Dear Reader,

My wife’s birthday went off without a hitch.  She got a present a day for a week, got dinner and a play (though it was  Sam Shepherd play, so that may or may not be a good thing depending on your proclivities), got a birthday cake, got surprised at work, and so forth.  She seemed quite pleased, so I’m off the hook for another year.

She also stays busy, so I’ve had a lot of time to play over this past three-day weekend, and play I have.  I got back into DayZ a little – only a little, though.  I found a no PvP server, which I feel a bit guilty about playing on, since that somewhat defeats the purpose of the game, but kill-on-sight for no reason jerks do, too, as I talked about in the past.  I’ve only played two “lives” worth of time, and I’m already wondering if I still have the patience for such a game.  Part of what made the patience bearable was playing with someone else.  In absence of that, the patience sometimes just seems, well, boring.  That’s not the game’s fault, of course, just a comment about my tolerance for tactical detail.  Both times I died were to glitches, too; in one case I stepped off a stair about a foot above the ground and broke my leg.  In another, I accidentally shot off my gun in the middle of town; that’s not a game glitch, but a nerve glitch.   Damn twitchy finger.

I played a few live games of LoL.  That was a mistake; in one, three people said they were going to jungle, took smite (a jungle-only spell), and locked in.  I just dropped out before it started, and of course, I got the penalty timer.  Oh well; five minutes sitting is less than a half hour of watching those morons ruin the game.  In another, we had the typical aberrant personalities going at it, who were both, as usual, in the wrong.  One guy didn’t respect someone else’s lane call, and that person berated him the entire game about it.  Surrender at 20, of course.  Idiots.  I went right back to AI.  I just wish there was a 3rd step of AI, a truly hard to beat one, because now even Intermediate AI isn’t any challenge.  I guess to be fair I don’t need a better Artificial Intelligence, just more human intelligence in the regular games.

I played some Neverwinter Nights, which really has held up well over the long time since it’s released.  It seems to still have a very active mod community, so there’s a ton of content to choose from.  I’m playing a duo game through a suggested mod from one of my buddies: the Aielund Saga, but I’m also playing some other mods solo.  There’s one voiced entirely by a female DM, which I liked; it’s always dudes, so it was a nice change-up.  I’m playing a sorcerer in my solo game; I remember having a very powerful sorcerer in the past, but it’s taking some time to ramp up.  I think I may be playing a “low xp progression” mod, too, since I haven’t gained but a single level in probably 3 or 4 hours of playing.  If I was a wizard, well, fine, but it’s going to be level 4 before I even get any interesting spells.

I also played a fair share of Card Hunter.  I got to the adventure that I now remember made me stop playing.  It made me stop playing again – for a few days.  I tried it again today and got through it, but only just.  I admit I haven’t been grinding the earlier content as much, but I’m still a level higher than the “new” content I’m doing, so it shouldn’t be such a struggle.  Either I’m a tactical idiot (which is entirely possible), constantly get bad draws (which is quite definite), or have lousy decks (which again is quite possible).  It’s likely a combination of all three, of course.  So while I’m enjoying it, it’s only in small doses and occasionally with some breaks.

Those small doses, in fact, are a good description of my gaming cycle.  Since my wife left for practice three hours ago, I’ve played 4 different games.  This dabbling, I think, helps me stay interested in games that aren’t completely and totally holding my attention.

Of course, this is part of my grand cycle.  In a week or two, I’ll find something new to completely hold my attention, and I’ll rave about that.  Then I’ll be back to this.

Ahh, predictability.  It’s good to be middle-aged.


Stubborn (and middle-aged)

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  1. November 13, 2013 8:48 am

    “I remember having a very powerful sorcerer in the past, but it’s taking some time to ramp up. I think I may be playing a “low xp progression” mod, too, since I haven’t gained but a single level in probably 3 or 4 hours of playing.”

    Yeah, sorcerers (and wizards) take some time to ramp up but wind up insanely powerful — the whole Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards thing:

    There definitely are some super slow leveling modules out there which generally I’m not as fond of, especially given some of the other low level issues mentioned in the past. I generally think the ruleset hits its stride between levels 6 and 14. Mages have enough spells to do some interesting stuff without turning into complete game breakers quite yet.

    • November 13, 2013 12:30 pm

      I completely agree about those levels. Whenever I design a one-shot adventure for experienced players, I always set it at level 7, which I’ve identified as the “sweet spot” (maybe 8 if someone wants to be a sorc instead of wizard).

      I’m actually not familiar with the trope you mention; I don’t know how I’ve missed it being a nerd and a D&D person, but it certainly makes sense.

      Thanks for the comment!

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