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Long Weekend

November 8, 2013

Dear Reader,

That’s right, I’m taking  a long weekend.  This will be the last post until Wednesday.  There’s a variety of reasons, but the main one is that my wife’s birthday is Monday, and I’ve set up a weekend of thrills and gifts that she’ll hopefully enjoy.  We’re doing dinner, a play, gifts, bowling, roller skating, and a variety of whatever-she-wants.

Before I go, here’s a quick news update.  I finished Orcs Must Die; it’s the first game I’ve basically played to completion without any breaks in a long time.  It was fun and engaged me both on a physical/reflexes level as well as a mental/strategic level.  there were several levels I hooted and hollered were “impossible” to do without the crystal taking any damage, but in the end, I was wrong; I finished it with every level at top completion.  Go me.

So if you like strategy mixed with action, like a first-person, single-player (though you can have more) Dungeon Defenders, Orcs Must Die is a steal, especially when you get it on sale.

I played another round of Neverwinter Nights.  I did reroll and min-maxed an elf rogue with 18 dex and 14 con, sacrificing both a good charisma as well as more skill points in the name of CRPG survivability.  My buddy and I had an interesting talk about how pen and paper D&D worked with the “challenge ratings” of encounters, and he was shocked to learn that 4 level 1 NPCs fighting a single level 1 NPC was a “fair” encounter.  I see his point and have often lamented that 4 on 1 in any even remotely balanced encounter isn’t fair simply from a strategic point of view, but them’s the bones.  A CR 1 encounter, appropriate for a level 1 party of 4, is a level 1 NPC.  I didn’t make the rules.

Regardless, we had no problems with this go-round.  My character did a great job getting sneak attack damage (when possible), and his did a good job surviving.  There were still a few close calls, but it was largely much better.

Our flex run this week was a bit rougher than usual, and we really didn’t have many truly new people.  It ran about a half hour longer, but, frankly, clearing SoO in 3.5 hours is a hell of a lot better than most people have it, so I wasn’t complaining.  On top of that, I actually got a few “bonus” rune stones, putting me 3 from my cloak.  I also got 5 upgrades, which seems awesome, but it means I’m almost broke now for what amounts to a few ilevels total.  Still, I’m happy for the gear, of course!

Enjoy your weekend and Veteran’s Day, if you’re in a place that celebrates it!


Stubborn (and resting)

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  1. Beshara permalink
    November 8, 2013 11:45 am

    Enjoy the rest and the celebration!

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