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New Blogger Initiative

October 2, 2013

New Blogger Initiative


Dear Reader,

Yesterday marked the beginning of the second annual New Blogger Initiative Month.  We can all thank Doone of  T.R. Redskies and Roger of Contains Moderate Peril for resurrecting this activity, which had formerly been run by other bloggers whose schedules just got too full.

The NBI is a fantastic opportunity to help support the community in which we’ve all been participating, the sharing of ideas through our various media (be it writing, images, sound, or video).  Whether we blog about life, work, games in general, or specific aspects of games, we all enjoy the chance to share our thoughts and get feedback from our readers.

It can be tiring, though, and each year we find more and more experienced bloggers shutting the doors of their respective think tanks as their priorities shift or their time becomes more limited.  To keep the community alive and healthy, then, we need to encourage new bloggers to join us and provide them with the support they need to thrive.

The New Blogger Initiative exists specifically for that purpose: for those of us who’ve been doing it a while to offer a helping hand to those who are new.  Since we’re all throwing our opinions around anyway, wanted or not, we might as well use them as a source of good, right?

So I heartily encourage anyone reading this to head over to the New Blogger Initiative forums (accessible from the banner on top or the sidebar graphic) and sign up to be a mentor or an initiate.  If you even have the tiniest inkling that you might want to start a blog, the best way to find out is to do it!  This month in particular would be a great time, too, since there’ll be so much inter-relatedness and support.

If you’re unsure about the kind of outcomes this sort of digital project can achieve, I encourage you to read the data that was collected over the last year.  It’s incredibly encouraging!

Whoever you may be, dear reader, I assure you there’s a place for you and your blog ideas in the NBI, so head on over and sign up!


Stubborn (and recruiting as hard as he knows how)


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