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Weekend LFRs, Archaeology, and a Schedule Change

August 19, 2013

Dear Reader,

First, I want to let you all know that the update schedule here will be changing a little.  Classes started today, so I went to bed early last night without writing a correspondence for you.  It’s likely that will continue, and that the new updates will be later in the day, but still on M/W/F, since I have an office hour from 1 to 2 and my students never come and see me (because I bite them).

Beyond that small shift in the update time, things are pretty exciting.  My work schedule this semester is the best it’s been, with only two different classes, and those classes on the same days, so I don’t have to adjust between 3 day a week classes and 2 day a week classes.  On top of that, they’re all clustered, unlike last semester, when I had to go to work twice on Mondays and Wednesdays due to the huge gap between my classes, so things are pretty sweet here.

With WoW, I’m still progressing, but there’s not really any important changes since last time we spoke.  I did a weekend LFR against all suggestions and my better judgment, and it was as terrible as I’ve been lead to expect.  I agreed to it at all because my guild put together a group to queue for it that was 5 healers and some dps, so I figured we’d be fine.  We weren’t.

The first tank we had ran in and pulled all the first room groups at once, promptly dying, then blaming, of course, the healers (of which I was one) for not keeping him up.  Since we’d just zoned in when he did this, we told him to wait and let us know if he was going to do stuff like that.  We rezzed and went back in, and he did the same thing again.

We voted to kick that guy.

From there, things were more smooth, but not great.  The dps was lacking, even by LFR standards.  There were two good dpsers (including ours), but 10 or so people were below 35k.  The bosses, as a result, took forever, putting more strain on the healers, and since every healer that my group brought – 5 of the 6 – was either off spec or alt healing, it wasn’t great.  I was topping some of the meters in gear that has some hit on it and with virtually no practical experience healing.  This was only my 2nd healing LFR.

The second boss took so long that essentially ONLY the healers and a few of our own dps were up.  We were able to dps him down through the wind phases (the last 20%) just with 6 or 7 people alive.  My wife, who’d never done the boss before, had a lot of trouble with the tornadoes, too, so we were without her most of the fight.

Even with our own little group, it was impossible to do the final boss.  We quit after the third wipe, as it became apparent that no one else knew how to pheromones and people kept running under the boss.  On top of that, the tanks kept repeatedly turning the boss, getting people cleaved to death.  When it didn’t improve after the third time, we dropped.  It was a lousy experience, and on top of that, my wife got no loot, which was a major impetus so we could get her to the H Scenario level.  Ah well.

I’ve also taken it upon myself again to max out Archaeology on my main.  I know it’s a pointless grind and not worth the time, but I like having my mains able to do anything I want at any time I want.  Seeing that quest in the Lorewalker’s area and not being able to do it even once drives me nuts.

So I spent a little time getting going, and I got up to about 200 in a few hours.  I’ll admit it’s “better” than it was before, but that doesn’t mean much.  While I get twice as many fragments from each dig, and each dig has more surveying, it’s still incredibly boring.  It’s boring at twice the speed it used to be, but still, ugh.  The first 300 points are miserable, too, being spread out across four times the geography as the last few, but at least there’s an end in sight for that.  Once I hit outlands, I suspect it’ll go much faster.

Lastly, I finally clipped my 30th level 25 pet, so I got the Pro Pet Group acheivement and the pristine trap.  I’m not sure why I’d ever need to trap anything ever again, bu… oh, yeah.  I still don’t have a freaking minfernal.

Tonight, I go back in to Big Bird, and I think we’ll down him pretty quickly if we have about the same team.  They’ve downed Durumu and Primodius, too, so I think I’ll at least get to see one if not both of them, so I’m excited about that.  Then again, I may get benched again.  Only time will tell.


Stubborn (and digging in the dirt)




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  1. August 19, 2013 2:00 pm

    “I did a weekend LFR against all suggestions and my better judgment, and it was as terrible as I’ve been lead to expect.”



  2. Tiggi permalink
    August 19, 2013 6:26 pm

    Well don’t blame the tanks for turning garalon. They have no control over him unless one of them had pheromones. He will follow who ever has the Pheromones. The tanks job on that fight is to stand in his cleave so he doesn’t speed up.. LFR you really just need one person to kite him that knows what they are doing this can be a tank but it doesn’t have to be. sounds like people didn’t know how the pheromones worked and were passing them back and forth this will also cause him to do his slam move.

  3. August 20, 2013 10:43 am

    If only pheromones were the main cause for people going under the boss… no, they seem to do that regardless of anything else going on in the fight. At least Slam has an ICD now that it didn’t in the early days. Still, a bunch of sub-35K will make that fight undoable. Unfortunate, but this late in the next tier, most folks of quality probably aren’t running HoF. My Terrace runs have been mixed but at least generally successful. HoF is a clusterflik, though, only done once to get to Terrace.

    I tried something new with a toon sitting at 85 and not wanting to do Jade Forest yet again. That toon, a Monk, is orphaned on a server and has no big brother/sister toons to pass down BoA weapons and such so I decided to spend a bit of time trying to do it on my own. First up was Arch for the 2H Agi weapon, hadn’t even trained Arch, went and trained it and got from 0-525 in, maybe, 4 hours, all in Eastern Kingdoms (could have gone all the way to 600 but wanted to do the last 75 in Pandaria)… and picked up over a level in the process (rested XP + Monk 20% bonus). Probably dinged 86 as quickly as I would have in Jade Forest and while, yeah, Arch is grindy, it was a nice break from questing. I’d consider doing that on other toons going forward, too. After that, I finished off Arch in Pandaria, got to 600 just as I picked up the recipe for the BoA weapon I wanted so I spent another hour or so after that just finishing that off. Got about 80% of the way to 87 from that, then I went after some of the BoA blue weapons, snagged 4 or 5 over a few days which got me to 87.

    (note, though, L87/88 mobs hit a toon in a mix of Cataclysm leveling gear HARD and the L90 mobs out in Dread Wastes are mini-boss fights even one-on-one and they tend to run in packs… on the other hand, every gear upgrade is hugely useful… I like a challenge but buying a set of the green gear from the vendor would have made that an easier, if less satisfying, process)

    I’m not sure I’d recommend Arch as something for a max toon to go back and catch up on but combine Arch with useful leveling? Discovered that I’m a fan.

  4. August 20, 2013 8:39 pm

    “Seeing that quest in the Lorewalker’s area and not being able to do it even once drives me nuts.”

    I usually keep quests like that in my log just so I don’t have to see the exclamation mark on my minimap. The pet battle one is very irritating though because it puts objective markers all over my bloody map.

    Archaeology is just so, so not worth doing a second time in my opinion. This is coming from someone who spent over a hundred thousand gold on Hieroglyphs throughout Cata. (I still don’t have the mount.)

    Also, 30 max level pets!? I thought I’d been doing a lot of pet battles (got the Stunted Direhorn a while back) and I only have about 20.

  5. acbarberi permalink
    August 21, 2013 8:18 am

    You know, I used to be a pretty staunch defender of LFR since I don’t have time for normal raids and LFR seemed to be an easy way to get epic gear. However, LFR takes a long time and is usually full of noobs who do not know the mechanics, so LFR takes an incredibly long time sometimes…

    I do not like queueing for LFR because there are so few people that want to learn the mechanics. It seems to me that the majority of LFR players only want to “tank ‘n spank” without learning any mechanics. However, this “tank ‘n spank” attitude causes problems for the whole raid and makes the LFR experience take way longer than I would have hoped.

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