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The Secret World Revisited

June 21, 2013

Dear Reader,

As I mentioned in my last correspondence, I decided to return to The Secret World for a visit to explore the quests that have come out since I stopped playing.  I stopped after Issue #2, where the first auxiliary weapon, the rocket launcher, was released.  Since then, 4 issues have come out, about 10 quests, and 3 more auxiliary weapons.

I picked the game back up pretty quickly, after about a half hour of staring at my ability wheel deciding how I wanted to play.  That’s one of the beautiful things about TSW; by the “end game” phase, you have so many options of what you want to do.  In the end, I let my gear decide, and used the schools for which I had the best weapons: chaos and fist.

While it still has its faults, I think The Secret World is probably the second best MMO made.  I’m going to put WoW first, partially due to its success, but also due to the familiarity which so many people feel towards its world, lore, and mechanics.  If I hadn’t played WoW first, I think I’d put TSW at the top, and it’s at the top of my heart, anyway, as my favorite MMO.

The new quests were all fun, and while I did run into some bumps on one of the investigation missions (I don’t know hexidecimal, sorry; I had to look that step up), overall the experience was as fun as I remembered it.  The new auxiliary weapons include a chainsaw, the quantum, and a whip, and the two I could immediately access were both a blast to get.

There’s the one rub, though.  Issues 3-5 were already available for me, but issue #6 costs more money.  I have a moral objection to DLC, and on top of that for an MMO I pre-purchased and paid for months of a subscription for.  The fact that it went free to play doesn’t reduce the amount of money I already poured into this game, and that they want 10 more dollars for material I’ll probably plow through in 2 sessions simply doesn’t seem cost effective to me.

I don’t know. I  may change my mind and purchase it, but with so many other games out there that I either already own, are free to play, or are brand new to me, I’m just not sure I want to plunk down another tenner to see a few more quests, regardless of the fact that TSW is hands-down my favorite MMO.  Then again, maybe I’m just being a terrible penny-pincher.

I’ll have to get back to you on that one, dear reader.


Stubborn (and contemplating)

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  1. Sylow permalink
    June 21, 2013 11:02 am

    Just my small comment on the 10 bucks for the Last Train to Cairo: it might be just me, but i leave about as much money in the cinema every week, as the DLC costs. And truth to be told, there are very few movies i saw lately, which are as much fun as The Last Train to Cairo was.

    So yes, going through it might only occupy you for one or two gaming sessions, but when compared to other activities most of us spend money upon, it’s still cost efficient. 🙂

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