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June 19, 2013

Dear Reader,

almost gave Rift another try this week.  Having gone free to play, I was curious after reading Syp’s post on the matter whether I had free stuff accumulated and figured I’d roll a new toon and check things out.

However, after downloading the installer, I was faced with a problem.  I’d had a mobile authenticator (it seemed like a good idea at the time, like speeding up the Titanic to get in a night early), and needed to restore it.

Okay, no problem; they anticipated this.  You can download it and “restore lost serial key.”  Great!  I downloaded and installed it, booted it up, and went to the aforementioned menu.

Okay, I have to login first.  It’s been a while, but I can guess my password.  Oh, now there’s 2 security questions.  One is “What is the first and last name of your oldest cousin.”  That’s an easy one, I only have one cousin, so I’m quite sure what I put there.  Then there’s “Who was your first employer?”


My first employer was Bi-Lo, a grocery store in the southeastern US.  I try Bi-Lo, Bi-lo, bi-lo, BiLo, Bilo, and bilo to no avail.  Keep in mind for each of these tries I’m having to re-input my login, password, and cousin’s name on a phone, and that I have fat fingers, which makes that QUITE a chore, as there’s no way to get this serial key from my computer and input it on my phone.  It all has to be done on the phone.

So it wasn’t Bi-Lo.  Hmm. Did I put my first “real” job at Chester Middle School?  I try all the variations of that, plus CMS and Chester School District.  Nothing.  Maybe my bosses.  I try their names: last, first, first and last.  Nothing.


So I go into the help section on the website and find that for the most part, I need a live chat to “verify my identity.”  That’s well and good, but the live chat section says that wait times are gargantuan because of Defiance’s somewhat-recent release.  Sure enough; the wait time’s going to be measured in hours.  Keep in mind I can’t just send an email and check later; I’m going to have to sit here and pay at least half attention.

So I decided to go play Secret World.  See you in London!


Stubborn (and going through The Cat God missions.  Fun!)

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  1. June 19, 2013 7:42 am

    That does seem to be a problem with Rift. The first time I returned to the game I couldn’t get past the questions and had to call tech support, who where rather confused as what I was entering was what they had on record. A few days ago I decided to download and see what I had on the account. Same problem with the questions but, like you, I decided it wasn’t worth waiting for help. Maybe in a few months if the urge strikes me again. Marvel Heroes has been a surprisingly distracting diversion.

    Of course, in a few months I’ll probably be engaged with Hex/

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