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May 15, 2013

Dear Reader,

I was struggling with coming up with a topic for today.  Call it simply being very mentally busy; I’ve graded about 45 essays in the past few days, with about 45 more coming in this week.  As a result, I’ve had a hard time collecting my thoughts on anything other than “opener: check – thesis statement: check” and so forth.

I figured today I’d just provide a light overview of what’s been occupying my time recently.  I’ve been regularly playing six games, two for each of my “situations.”


Endless Space

I’ve been playing a lot of Endless Space.  I bought it a while ago, played a game, and lost interest.  For some reason, my interest was re-sparked, perhaps because of all the “free DLC’s” that have come out for the game.  Each content update has improved and expanded the game in some way, and while I don’t really notice the differences, I’ve enjoyed it a lot since I’ve come back to it.  I’m trying to win one game of each type with different factions.  I usually gravitate towards science-based bonuses, as I feel that if you have the best science you can usually make up for any other deficiencies.  My first win was using that strategy, but since then I’ve avoided it and worked on conquest victories, which I have a hard time at, influence victories, and all the various other ways to win.

Trine 2

I’ve always like puzzle platformers, and the first Trine was a really excellent game.  I bought Trine 2 a while ago, too, but waited on it, hoping my wife and I could play it together, as we did the first Trine.  That never came to pass, so I finally delved in myself.  I enjoy it a lot, too, particularly because it reminds me of a good D&D session: a bit of silliness, an overarching plot, and multiple solutions to most situations.  I always max the Wizard’s conjuring first, since I like to make a lot of boxes and planks, but I actually play the thief the most, since her ranged attacks and mobility are more my preference.

My Wife and I:

League of Legends

I doubt I need to talk much more about LoL.  I will mention that simply due to increased business (i.e. stress) from work at the end of the semester, I was having a hard time keeping my cool when partnered with complete mouth-breathing idiots in live games.  As a result, I’ve abandoned “normal” pvp and moved to intermediate AI.  I struggled when playing with my buddy with the tougher AI, which, frankly, cheats by doing super-human feats of aiming and coordination, but with my wife I’ve won all but one game.  That one game was populated with the aforementioned mouthbreathers who simply would not come together for team fights, so we were continuously picked off by the much-better-organized AI.  Still, it’s been a lot of fun, and I really enjoy the greater diversity of champions the computer uses in the intermediate games.

Guild Wars 2

What can I say?  I was as surprised as anyone that I got back into GW2.  My wife mentioned that we’d stopped playing when my buddy did, and she suggested we dive back in. We’ve been moving at a much more enjoyable and leisurely pace, moving as we see fit rather than by the hand of efficiency.  We craft when we want, explore when we want, do hearts when we want, and just kind of fool around and have fun, the type of gameplay at which GW2 excels.  She’s playing a ranger, and I’m playing a rogue, which work well together as a team.  We’re both erring towards group healing talents and vigor builds simply to keep ourselves alive, but we’ve not really had any problem with being under-powered except against a final boss of an event in Ascalon.  The boss, Horace, had some opening attack that simply killed us both instantly.  We couldn’t figure out how to avoid or counter it, so that was that.  It was a frustrating setback, to be unable to accomplish something, but it’s been the only one in a long stream of otherwise enjoyable gameplay.

My Buddy and I:


While I stopped making a religious attempt to log in every day, mostly because the rewards were always terrible, my buddy and I still play Warframe from time to time.  It provides several exciting things: excellent, stylistic graphics, visceral gameplay excitement, and an opportunity to just turn the brain off (for the most part).  Many of the missions are simply good old-fashioned shoot-em-ups, but there are times when the challenge gets notched up and you really have to coordinate and strategize to survive.  Also, it’s free, which was a major selling point to my buddy.


Much like Warframe, Neverwinter offers a surprisingly good package for a free to play game.  I’ve seen some complaints about it recently, particularly to do with its D&D affiliation.  Frankly, I’ve played a lot of D&D, and it doesn’t bother me one bit that it’s only tangentially related to D&D mechanics.  The setting is well done, the graphics are good, the gameplay is diverse enough to stay interesting, and the Foundry means that you can take part in being a creator or simply play endlessly in others’ creations.  I’m very impressed with Neverwinter overall, and I think they could have adopted the GW2 entry-fee model and done just as well.  That it’s free is just more icing on the cake.

So that’s what’s occupied my time recently.


Stubborn (and done with exams within a few hours)

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