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A Lazy Weekend Apart

May 13, 2013

Dear Reader,

I have to say, it was a pretty good weekend.  I called it lazy in the title, but I did an adequate amount of work each day – grading, yard work, chores, etc – to not feel totally sluggish, but still, I spent plenty of time playing games with my wife and/or my buddy.

The and/or is because something new and slightly frustrating has come into my life.  It truly is only slightly frustrating, but ever since we “finished” Torchlight 2 and my buddy lost interest in LoL, my wife and he have not been able to come to an agreement on any game for the 3 of us to play.  I’ve always busted my bottom trying to find stuff that would interest both of them (and I think Monaco would, but since it’s not on sale, my buddy won’t consider it), but both of their extreme finickiness when it comes to games has finally rent their interests into two camps with virtually no overlap.

My wife isn’t interested in FPS games.  My buddy isn’t interested in 4x games.  My wife doesn’t like Magic: The Gathering.  My buddy won’t consider going back to MMOs for a second run.  It has become harder and harder to find a middle ground, and, finally, I’ve given up trying to.  My wife and I enjoy Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, and Civ 5 (though I’m interested in a new 4x game for the summer when we both have more time to kill.  My ideas are to get Gods and Kings (the Civ 5 xpac), get her a copy of Endless Space, or to find something totally new for both of us so we’ll start on a level playing field.  I’m happy to hear any suggestions).  My buddy and I play Warframe, Neverwinter, and M:tG.  It seems that never the twain shall meet.

Often, it’s not a big deal, since both of them have weird schedules, but on the weekends, there’s the unique problem of having to choose.  Since I can’t just say, “Let’s go play Torchlight!” I’m stuck with picking one over the other.  Well, brace yourself, world, but my wife always wins that contest.  But that means that my buddy and I haven’t played much of anything for the past several days, and with summer coming up, my wife’s schedule will open up a lot.

It’s odd; I’ve worked hard to avoid this situation by trying to find games they’ll both like, but now that I’ve given that up, it doesn’t seem like there’s nearly as much pushback as I’d expect – or want.  Both seem complacent to just let me play with the other.  That should be comforting, but, and perhaps this is just my nature, it’s not.  Regarding my wife, it doesn’t bother me because I see her all the time, but for my buddy to be so willing to just fade away into obscurity bothers me.  I feel like he should want to find something to do together, but his inert lifestyle may very have crushed any motivation in him to strive for anything.  I don’t know.

Regardless, hopefully something will come along soon that will entice them both.  As always, only time will tell.


Stubborn (whose birthday is today)

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  1. May 13, 2013 7:41 am

    Get them to play Magicka, and then blow them both up!

    (I take no responsibility for any real life fallout that may occur as a result of this suggestion.)

    • May 15, 2013 9:44 am

      Funny you mention that, but Magicka was on the menu as one of the options since my buddy and I owned it but had no played it. Then it went on sale earlier in the week for 2.50, so that sealed the deal. It’ll be what we settle down and try.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

    • May 15, 2013 11:06 am

      Well, you mentioned Torchlight as something both of them could tolerate playing and Magicka was the other fun action RPG with similar camera perspective that came to mind.

      And the hilarious delight of teamkilling each other in Magicka was too good to pass up suggesting since you expressed a sorta kinda “frustration” with their pickiness. 🙂

      The coincident timing of the Steam sale was totally just that. I neither mind read or work for Steam. Really. Honest.

    • May 15, 2013 11:45 am

      I assumed it was just a coincidence – but now that you put it that way, it seems MORE fishy, not less! (;

      Regardless, I look forward to relating the many tales of us killing one another in Magicka. Thanks again!

  2. kaleedity permalink*
    May 13, 2013 8:14 am

    I haven’t found someone to play fighting games locally with since I was in high school. That PAXeast P4A tournament I played in was the first time I’ve played a local fighting game match in a decade, if you don’t count the nintendo smash bros. games I’ve played three times or so with Mitch. At this rate I’ll start playing counterstrike again.

    In other news, my neverwinter character is merely level 12 or 13. It hasn’t grabbed me that hard, but it’s done a lot better than other non-WoW MMOs have in a long time. Playing a character that has to run back to the campfire after stepping on a trap in a solo dungeon isn’t helping things.

    • May 15, 2013 9:49 am

      I’m not surprised. You win everything you play, all the time, regardless. Making an unbelievable move in a game has become known in my gaming circle as “pulling a (you).”

      To be fair, other than against you, I often fall into this trap, which is why it becomes necessary to find and focus on co-op games so that one can play with people they like instead of against them. That’s why I keep trying to recruit you into this or that. I’d play counterstrike, too, as long as I was on YOUR team. (;

      As for Neverwinter, it’s going to be a passing fad, I’m sure, but I’ll get a couple of months out of it. As for your hp issues; I don’t know what to say. I’m a cleric. Drink a pot, noob! (;

      Incidentally, I’ve tried bec@dity171 and bec@kaleedity. Not sure if you just haven’t played or what, but check your social pane or send me a /friend @cripplemronion.

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