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The PAX Roundup

March 27, 2013

Dear Reader,

I’ve got more correspondences in draft form – or pre-draft form, at any rate – than in a long time, thanks to the many amazing discussions that went on at PAX.  I’ve got a line-up of people writing about these topics from their point of view, as well, to provide a little diversity to the perspective.  Today, we’ll be looking at PAX as a whole, but in the near future we’ll discuss the League of Legends panel on plans they have for improving the community.  Also coming up, we’ll hear about the future of DayZ from my buddy, the future of indie rpgs from my other buddy, and a very special guest post from my wife discussing the issue of how women are treated in the gaming community.

Today, though, is just about the overview of the weekend.  My wife and I arrived late because of my travel curse; I can never go anywhere without problems.  We were redirected to Columbus, Ohio, because someone on the plane had a medical emergency.  I feel okay complaining because the person turned out to be fine, and I am sympathetic to the feeling of entrapment when you’re feeling ill on a plane, but that did add 2 hours to our trip.  As mentioned before, I had to remotely attend a meeting, which I did immediately rather than getting to PAX a little beforehand, and it went fine.  Nothing worth mentioning there.

My buddy 9 Toes and Kaleedity bumming around in a line.

When I finally arrived, the real fun began.  We went and browsed around, going to a few panels and look at some of the tabletop area.  The crowd was, as always, gigantic.  There were many, many people in cosplay outfits – some more revealing than others.  However, one of my other buddies who we met there, the guest poster here known as Kaleedity, pointed out, “This is the first PAX I haven’t witnessed someone being forced to put on pants.”  I can’t be sure whether that’s because the outfits were more appropriate or standards more lax, but whichever, there were many awesome outfits.  Here’s a few.

A variety of female game characters. I can only identify Moxie, from Borderlands.

Portal and Portal 2 next to the Windows Operating system?

My buddy in his “cosplay” outfit (he is Jewish, so I’m not sure if it’s cosplay or not) beneath a dracolisk statue.

This was too perfect an opportunity to pass up.

New California Republic from Fallout series.

This was NOT the most provocatively dressed woman we saw. We saw a Zyra who was VERY under-dressed.

There were a lot of Assassin’s Creed cosplayers there, but this one was one of the best and IMMEDIATELY jumped at the chance to “assassinate” my buddy.

It was a kiss the zombie booth, but the zombie was worried he’d catch something from my buddy.

There were a LOT of Ahri’s there, each with a variety of takes on the tails; it would make an interesting study just to see how each approached the tails.

I think this is WoW priest gear, but I don’t know enough about it.

This guy’s outfit was very cool, if a little out of date.

I love Katamari Damacy. I saw this girl last year do a dance to a Kinect dance game. It was fantastic.

The full squad was there, but was unloading, and I didn’t see them after. This guy’s got the goo from GB2.

Beyond just the paneling, my friends and I spent a fair share of time on the exhibition floor.  There were many awesome sights: the Neverwinter MMO, more on The Last of Us, the League of Legends booth, where I heard a tournament being covered by sportscasters super-seriously, which made it hilarious.  We saw a lot of really interesting looking indie games, too, which can be browsed on Steam this week and purchased on sale.  We also went over to the tabletop area and found a lot of new(ish) games.  One of the most interesting looking was called The Miskatonic University for Girls, but it was sold out before I could even demo it.  That’s how quickly it was going.

This is about 1/24th of the exhibition floor. Imagine that 3x wide and 8x long.

For panels, we saw a panel on The Future of Playing a Role in RPGs, about how AI will be used in the future to broaden the experience, Why RPGS are Awesome, by Luke Crane and Jared Sorenson, two indie developers with which I have a “two-degrees of separation” relationship (one of my buddies’ brothers has done art for their games).  We also saw all the panels mentioned above and a few others that weren’t that interesting, such as The Art of DMing, which, while it was okay, didn’t really talk much about DMing as much as it tried to play doctor for bad DMs.

My favorite parts of all my PAXs have been the meals, though, because it’s there you get to have a moment to mentally catch your breath and just spend time with your friends.  We had two really great dinners like that where we just hung out and chatted.  One of those conversations ended up continuing until 3 a.m., and it was some of the most honest and open discussion my friends and I have ever had.

Anyway, it was a great weekend, and I look forward to next year’s PAX.  More on the specifics in correspondences to come.


Stubborn (and home)

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  1. Talarian permalink
    March 27, 2013 11:41 am

    PAX East was so much fun! Though the LoL booth was seriously out of control. Pretty sure their square of carpet was packed edge to edge with people the entire convention. A friend wanted me to pick up LoL swag, and I was like, uh, no way I’m fighting that crowd. Still, good times!

    • March 29, 2013 11:58 am

      Yeah, I had to stand for about a half hour to speak to one of the reps, but by god I was getting my swag! (;

      If you go to next years and are still reading my blog, let me know; we can shake hands and chat a bit at some point if you’d like.

      Thanks for the comment!

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