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Delicious Sausage

March 4, 2013

Dear Reader,

As I mentioned before, Samus, a commentator here, mentioned that the League of Legends Tribunal was available to be reviewed as early as level 20. Since I have been level 20 for several weeks now, I’m happy to report that I have been enjoying reading and responding to tribunal inquiries.

It was first suggested that many of them fell into two categories: people reporting “unskilled players” against people who simply didn’t play well and people reporting harassment against players when in fact everyone had devolved into nasty bile.  I’m happy to report that most of the cases I’ve seen have been neither.

Most of the cases I’ve seen have been clear cut cases of one player harassing another or an entire team.  I can’t guarantee that all reviewers are thorough, but I read each of the cases pretty much start to finish, note who said what to whom at what times, and weigh whether someone’s being provoked or just being a jerk.  I’ve pardoned a few people, too, who were being jerks because it was clear that others picked a fight which the jerk responded to.  Far, far more, though, I’ve punished.

It’s been pretty satisfying, particularly since I had the worst LoL encounter for me to date the other night, right after I had just reviewed several cases.  I’ve been saying here a while I was surprised how tame the community was, and frankly by ratio it’s still far better than WoW’s community, but frankly I’ve been on a really good WoW run right as I happened to come across a bad pair of people in LoL.

The two were viciously critical of others for their own mistakes (“Why didn’t you help me?  You suck!  You made me die!” when they ran ahead into a two players and were dead before I could even respond, so I just ran away), and when I pointed out they needed to play more carefully and not take such huge risks, they became very nasty, calling names (including the “n” word).

I can take the first stuff; people get mad when they die, have emotional rushes, and blame others.  Fine.  We’ve all done it (most likely).  But the second part was pretty shocking, so I let them know I was going to report them.  Then came the best part; they railed against the Tribunal; how pointless it was, how often they got reported and nothing happened, etc etc.

Now for all I know, they may be telling the truth, but the more “best of tribunal” style posts I read, the more I see the adjudicators taking a special pleasure in punishing people who believe that nothing will happen to them.  It seems pretty amazing, in fact, how little many players understand the tribunal.  It may be accurate that  they have been reported a few times before, because the tribunal won’t even take notice until they’ve gotten multiple reports over multiple games.  I’ve only seen one case that wasn’t 5 games’ worth of reports long.  It had 2 games with a handful of reports in each, and after reviewing the evidence, I pardoned the player.

It wasn’t over, though.  As a “carry,” a player who’s weak at the start but more powerful later, I began to have a larger and larger effect on the game, saving other players, helping plan and carry out targeted attacks, and overall being a good team player.  The attacks subsided, and I even made sure to help the two jerks when they needed it; I don’t carry a grudge.  After one such warning of impending danger, one of the players was like “Thanks.  I didn’t mean all that stuff I said before.”

I responded with, “We’ll let the tribunal decide,” because while I can be a good sportsman, I’m not going to forgive and forget.

“Fuck you!  And I do mean that!” came the snappy response.

I parried with “I’m just going to assume you don’t mean that, either, since you’re so fickle.”

Some more attacks came in, and my buddy and I laughed about them, as they were so poorly made.  We ended up winning the game, because despite the fact that those two players were such moronic jerks (undoubtedly they’re kids of some age based on some of the comments and writing).  In the end, too, I wasn’t upset, because I have faith in the system.

The funny thing is, though, that other than the info-graphics that Riot themselves have produced (and thus could have falsified), there’s not really any real evidence of this system working.  I can intellectually think that and still have faith, which goes to show that if Blizzard just took the time to release some numbers about their punishment system, it may allay a lot of the feeling of helplessness that players have when all they can do is /ignore or report.

Today I kept hoping that my own case would come up; my buddy “assures” me it won’t, and he’s probably right, but you never know.  It’s pretty clear cut, too.  I jabbed a few times back at their truly offensive attacks, but I didn’t say or do anything that would warrant them getting pardoned.  It’s interesting how my insight into the system both made me feel better about those jerks and helped me work directly against them while also ensuring I didn’t accidentally get them pardoned.  Perhaps watching sausage get made isn’t so bad.  I look forward to those two being made into two delicious links, which lady Justice can then devour.


Stubborn (a tauren, who would abhor the idea of sausage altogether)

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  1. Samus permalink
    March 4, 2013 9:52 am

    You should probably mention (assuming you feel the same way) that leaving a description with your harassment report is far more persuasive than just a blank report. It tells the reviewer exactly what they’re looking for (the full story isn’t always evident through logs, and chat logs can be very long, not everyone is as thorough as you), and sends the message that you are the rational, reasonable one. So if you really want action, explain what they did in detail.

    Also, I’m glad your tribunal experience was more satisfying than mine. 🙂

    • March 5, 2013 9:48 am

      Actually, you’ve given me an idea to write on “How to report someone,” with suggestions that make a broad stroke across games as well as game-specific stuff. Good idea, and thanks!


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