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Travelling Man

February 25, 2013

Dear Reader,

What a morning.  It’s amazing how one truly tiny problem – maybe an 8 oz problem – can bring down whole systems.

You see, I’m travelling today from my hometown in Illinois to Denver, Colorado for a professional conference.  I’m flying, as a normal person would do.

But one of my tires was flat.

No worries; I’m not travelling until tonight, anyway, and I always leave for work (which I’m diligently going to despite my travelling) with plenty of time to deal with these kinds of problems.  So I opened up my trunk, jacked up my car, and then took off the lug nuts.  Off they popped 1, 2, 3, … oh, shit.  The fourth is a locking lug nut.  Okay, no problem there, either; I’ve got the key in my glove compartment.

But it wasn’t there.  I checked my center console.  Nope.  All throughout the trunk.  No.  Under the chairs.  Nothing (I keep a very clean car).

I got to reminiscing and have convinced myself that after my car got hit in NY, the repair shop had to take off tires to do repair work, and I suspect that perhaps they omitted returning the key to the car; after all, they failed to put the levers that holds the rear door open, too, so clearly they weren’t quite up to the task.

So no huge deal, right?  My wife can drive me to work and the airport, which is an hour away.  It stinks for her, of course, and I am truly sorry… but wait, no.  She’s going out of town Thursday; there’ll be no one to bring me home on Friday.

So all the little systems fell apart.

Luckily, my wife is a crafty woman and called AAA to tow the car, where the problem is being dealt with as I write this.  I went ahead and told them to split the other 3 lug nut locks and replace both the front tires (since they’re of equal age, which is quite old).  Still, it was a anxiety-riddled morning.

On a related topic, I’ll be going to Denver this whole week.  I suspect I won’t post again until next week, since I’m not planning on taking a computer, so until then, have a great week of gaming!


Stubborn (and shortly mountainous)

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