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Furtive Father Winter at Sheep the Diamond feat. Carmelo M.

December 24, 2012

Dear Reader,

As a quick reminder before I post my Furtive Father Winter gift, this will be my last post until sometime in early January.  I’ll be setting up a queue of “oldies but goldies” in the meantime for those of you who joined our correspondences late.  I wish I didn’t have to leave at such a wonderful time of year, but what’s the holidays about if not spending time with people you don’t make an effort to see regularly because they’re mildly insane and often leave you feeling uncomfortable or downright angry?  You know, your family?

Seriously, though, I’m going on a two-week vacation that spans half a continent.  I can’t promise beautiful pictures like Navi or Ophelie provide, but I’ll try.  I’m one of those people who forget to take pictures, regardless of the fact the camera’s hanging around my neck.  I’ll see what I can do.  I plan to go scuba diving for the second time and see the only jaguar preserve in the world, which is in Belize.  If you want to hear a really great radio story about it, here’s a link for you.

Now, without further delay, my FFW gift!  I found it in my junk email box this weekend like a gem lying among moss-covered stones.  It shone brightly between ads to make my “dong” larger and a “blizard tiket #55521344 ur acct is in vilation” and made me smile and laugh, though I have to say I thought the image at first was Stubborn crying, not praying, which seemed a little sadistic, but hey – that’s my style, too!

Here it is in all its glory, from Carmelo M. of


Hello! I’m Carmelo M. from and I was lucky enough to get your site in Blog Azeroth’s Furtive Father Winter 2012 event. As I read through your blog I noticed you too are an avid pet battler and collector. It was when I read this particular line from your December 19, 2012 entry that I was inspired to create this image for you: “I’ve captured every pet that one can reasonably expect to capture (meaning not the Silithid Hatchling, Minfernal, nor Qiraji Guardling).”

I’ve been a Pokémon fan since I was around 9 years old. When non-combat pets turned into combat pets, I was very excited. However I wasn’t content with just collecting all the new battle pets. Every pet I collected had to be rare . . . or at least it did at the beginning, back when I was a naïve player excited about World of Warcraft’s Pokémon mini-game.

Being rather meticulous about how I do things, I thought the most logical way of collecting rares would be to go zone by zone, using the various “Tamer” achievements for each continent as my guide. I started in Kalimdor and things were going well up until I hit Felwood. Then the Minfernal happened.

For your readers who don’t know, the Minfernal is a mini-infernal pet that only spawns south of Whisperwind Grove in Felwood. It has a ridiculously slow respawn timer and is heavily camped across all realms. Catching one is made more difficult by the implementation of Cross Realm Zones which ensures any time you zone into Felwood you will be accompanied by fellow pet collectors.

My main is a Warlock and I thought a mini-infernal pet would be a great addition so I foolishly attempted to camp it. It’s around this time that I became far less enthused about pet collecting and finally had to come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to collect a rare of every pet. There was no way I was going to camp a Minfernal rare; that’s sadistic, and this is coming from someone who happily ground the Hero of Shattrath achievement.

That’s why I chuckled when I read your wording of that sentence. All the pets “one can reasonably expect to capture” indeed! I’m left feeling Blizzard was incredibly short-sighted with some of these battle pets. The Minfernal, Giraffe Calf, Spawn of Onyxia, Flayer Youngling, etc. They’re all programmed to spawn in a terrible way.

I think Blizzard realized its mistake though, because the Patch 5.1 pets’ spawn behavior was changed so they would not simply all spawn on server restarts, but why Blizzard didn’t go back and adjust the other pets confuses me greatly. Alas, as a fellow collector I empathize with your struggle to catch ‘em all. The image I created is meant to convey the internal prayer to the gods of World of Warcraft and RNG we do each time we zone into an area that could contain one of these rare pets.

I wish you the best of luck finding those elusive battle pets and I hope you have a great holiday season!

Thank you, Carmello M., and it’s been a pleasure perusing your blog these last few days.  As you can see, it’s a permanent addition to my blogroll now.  Thank you, too, organizers of Blog Azeroth, particularly Akabeko of Red Cow Rise, for organizing this Furtive Father Winter.  Happy Holidays to all!


Stubborn (and jolly)

3 Comments leave one →
  1. December 25, 2012 12:27 am

    Oh lovely, another pet battler and collector! Happy Holidays oh Stubborn one 😀

    • December 27, 2012 10:21 am

      I know – I wonder how many of us out there there are that just aren’t directly connected!
      Happy holidays to you, too!

  2. January 6, 2013 12:04 am

    I have been trying to get the Baby Ape pet for a while now, and it has to be raining for it to spawn. I took the flight path to Booty Bay because I needed to go afk real quick. Came back and it was raining in the zone. I got so excited cause I thought I would be able to finally catch one. However, when I landed, CRZ kicked in and made the zone stop raining…..I was very sad. 😦 This isn’t the first time this has happened also.Also, I am having the same problem with the Mini Inferno pet, everytime I go to try to farm for it, there are several other people trying to get it also and they are all from a different server. Really wish we could opt out of this CRZ system, I haven’t liked it since day one.

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