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October 6, 2012

Dear Reader,

Today I bring you a few pieces of news, punctuated with some coincidence, irony, and potentially bad manners.

Throwing Good Money after Bad:

First, an update on Secret World.  It’s done.  Every quest in the game was completed as of last night.  We may or may not go back to do the dungeons, but my guess is that we won’t.  My whiny buddy “checked out months ago” when he found out we’d only be able to play once a week or so.  I pointed out that this must mean he never watches television shows (which is just about all he does outside of play computer), since they, too, are only fresh and new once a week, which silenced him.  Regardless, I doubt I’ll return to the ranks of Secret Warriors, but I’m happy with what the game did well: story, interesting mechanical character development, investigations, and setting.  Unfortunately, in the long run, the poorer aspects of the game ruined it: a notched-too-high difficulty, solo instances, and bugginess.  It was fun while it lasted, and I hope that the best parts of it get adopted in future games by more reliable companies.

The sad part is that my first-start subscription ran out on Thursday.  No one else’s did, though; the next closest was next Tuesday.  That meant I had to pay 15 dollars for one more night of play.  I did without arguing, though, as I didn’t want to be “the one” who prevented us all from finishing.  Oh well; I could have bought a new game with that money.

Well, that didn’t take long:

It looks like I’ll be playing Mists sooner than I thought, though I did set “the end of TSW” as the benchmark.  My wife apparently is far more interested in going back to WoW – again – than playing GW2.  I mostly just want to play with her – whatever the game may be – so I’ll likely be logging more time there soon.  I’ll still get to play GW2 with my buddy, so it’s not that much of an issue.  The next question that presents itself, though, is this: what class?  I could feasibly pick up any of the 10 “old” classes and level them to 90.  What are your thoughts, dear reader?  What’s the most fun, which is all I really care about any more.


What’s that, you say?  Look again – it’s a Navi-spam in reverse!  I finally touched base with our Daily Frostwolf friend.  I won’t spoil her gig by posting a bunch of screenshots of us hanging out – that’s her thing – but I did want to mention what a lovely conversation we had, though it was cut short by my swimming (not in game, though IRL it seems I have the “orca” glyph).  Damn you, trying to be in better health!  DAMN YOU!

Regardless, it was a lovely conversation which I hope to continue when we get the chance, and I’ll direct you all to her blog when the official Navi-spam takes place.  I think it’s an interesting moment when a small project started by a single blogger to make contact with other bloggers in Azeroth starts to run in reverse.  I believe she’s getting so popular now that she’s being sought out, which she certainly deserves.  Anyone who works to more tightly unite our community earns any recognition they get, so again, thank you, Navi, for starting this, (that’s a lot of commas) and I’m glad to have been a part of it, though apparently I’m “sneaky” when it comes to catching up with me.

So, that’s my news for the week.  See you on Tuesday!


Sneaky (and Stubborn)

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  1. kaleedity permalink*
    October 6, 2012 1:54 pm

    As a random aside, the Borderlands 2 NPCs spout some pretty awesome lines (

    While I’m sure Stubborn will recognize it pretty quickly, the reference starts at line 129:

  2. October 6, 2012 5:36 pm

    I find it quite sad that you ended up being that disappointed with The Secret World. Your first couple of posts about it sounded so excited; I could have seen it becoming your new “online home” (if you still care about having such a thing).

    • October 10, 2012 11:48 am

      To be fair, I’m not terribly disappointed by TSW, but more with specific elements of it. Overall, I think it’s one of the most interesting, creative, and enjoyable MMOs I played. Unfortunately, it was too hard for some of my group members, including my wife, and it relied on a completely illogical solo system (for an MMO), which led to further division. The nearly-last play session which stunk was abnormal, but it was a testimony to the worst parts of TSW. I won’t be what lingers, though, in years to come, though I’m terrified that it’s abysmal failure will prevent more ingenuity and creativity from being explored in MMOs, which seem to become more and more generically the same. I suppose only time will tell.

      Thanks for the comment!

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