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Friday Quickpost

July 13, 2012

Dear Readers,

I have family coming in tomorrow, so I’m obliged to make the house look very unhouse like, by pretending things are never dirty or dusty and that the grass in the lawn grows to exact measurements and stops.  In other words, I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.  As a result, I’ll let you in on a few quick secrets and then returns to my slave-like existence (at least for a few hours today).

I’ve now done the first dungeon and a round of PvP in The Secret World.  The first dungeon is nicely paced, with easy bosses followed by tough bosses followed by excruciatingly hard bosses.  There’s little trash to speak of, but some, so more like Azjol-Nerub than the Crusaders’ Coliseum.  The bosses don’t require much in the way of game play until the last two, both of which rely on “avoiding badstuffs” and “add management.”  Nothing too out of the ordinary.  The presumed gear requirement is “Quality 3,” but it seems that so few people know what QL3 means that you occasionally get, say, a tank in mostly QL 0 and QL 1 gear.  Even so, it can be done, as my wife and I learned last night when we ended up dual healing (good thing I’ve got some healy talents) while my buddy and another pug Dpsed.  The tank quickly learned to manage his cooldowns, do better about getting out of AoE, and drink pots.  The boss in question has a neat “hide and seek” phase, which I’ll leave you readers to discover without spoiling it any more.

The PvP was, to be honest, a little dry.  The world zone was mostly just running around with a large group of people and toppling PvE monsters, like turrets and giant constructs.  If you bump in to other players, you die and go somewhere else.  Simple.  Zoso of Killed in a Smiling Accident writes a very effective guide here.

Stonehenge was mostly a melee fest; there’s little to it beyond, as described, staying in the circle and staying alive.  Swords seems king here, since you’re chock full of AoE, stuns, and charges to get into the circle fast.

El Dorado was all right; it was basically WSG turned inside out.  I performed very poorly (as expected) and died a lot.  However, there was little sniping and griping, so I suppose the negativity of the PvPers is yet to come.  In contrast, when I was pvp leveling the other day with my wife in WoW, we were personally accused of sucking when the green gate went down, despite the fact we were at the blue gate with a small group and had successfully defended it.  I’m not sure why the accuser decided to call out four or five specific people, myself and my wife included, but that’s a mystery I’ll leave to the philosophers (or criminal psychologists when that player’s old enough to buy a gun).  As a result, I’m giving TSW high marks for being new and not yet jaded.

Additionally, on my 10th of 10 WoW 10×85 toons, I’ve capped over into Northrend.  The end is so close I can taste it.  It tastes like fried icecream.


Stubborn (and fried)

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