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/AFK – or – But I have D3xams to Grade!

May 16, 2012

Dear Reader,

You’ll have to forgive me; I’ve six classes with a commiserate number of exams to grade before mid-next week, and on top of that, D3 just came out!  I’m swamped.

I’m playing the monk class and – once again – leveling (sort of) in a group.  I think D3’s group instancing is going to work well with our group, allowing us to play together when we can and not when we can’t.  Since my wife wanted demon hunter, my buddy barbarian, and my other buddy “Not sure, but probably the wizard,” I really only had two choices for the group setting (yes, we could double up, but that would be lame).  I played monk in the preview – errr…. beta – and enjoyed it, so I wasn’t complaining.  I like the survivability and maneuverability of the class with heals, charges in, charges out, and so forth.  I also like the bell.  If you’ve played or a seen a monk of level 10 or so, you know what I mean.  The Bell.

I’m terrible at aiming the bell, to be honest, but it’s just so damn awesome.  My wife is already getting annoyed because I spam it on cooldown all the time, regardless of whether we’re fighting one enemy or 50.  I think she’s just jealous.  She’s got bell envy.

Right now, I’m only level 12 (I think – maybe 13), and I’m using the ranged with larger aoe left button attack, the bell for the right button, the monk heal (of course) for button 1, and exploding palm on button 2.  This may mean nothing to many of you who aren’t playing or aren’t playing a monk, but I’ll put it out there for now.  I can’t comment of effectiveness, but it sure is fun!

So the correspondence today will be short, as I go back to grading and later to playing.  If you’re playing D3, enjoy, and if you want to exchange realIDs I wouldn’t be opposed, and if you’re not, well, enjoy whatever you are playing!  See you Friday!

Stubborn (and distracted)

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  1. May 17, 2012 4:10 am

    I’m playing a monk too!

    And yes, the bell is awesome. ❤

    Have fun and good luck in Sanctuary!

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