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And Now, the Conclusion of “Another Lovely Star Wars Moment”

March 15, 2012

Dear Reader,

Another quick post for you, just to let you know how it turned out.  After I posted the first half of the encounter yesterday, I eventually received an in game mail regarding my “new” ticket from someone who apparently was both A) able and B) willing to help, an apparently rare combination for Bioware.  I’m not going to retype the in game mail again, but I assure you the information I’m providing is accurate.  The mail said there was a “workaround” for the problem, but it required me to be online.  I had NO desire whatsoever to get back on and knew that I’d probably be just fine waiting until tomorrow (now today) when my fleet pass was cooled down.  Still, I felt since I had started badmouthing the service that I needed to be fair and give them a chance, so I logged on.

I was still, of course, stuck, so I put in a ticket immediately, letting them know that I was online but only had a little while to stay online (it was 11 p.m., after all).  I told them I could wait an hour.

An hour later, and, of course, nothing.  I “updated” the ticket, saying that I didn’t know how long they thought appropriate to make someone wait in a tiny foyer area with literally nothing to do but stand around, but that I was very glad to have wasted yet another hour of my time on the issue.

Overnight, apparently they finally got to me.  I had an email waiting for me this morning in which ANOTHER custserv rep informed me that they were sorry they missed me and had simply moved me to my capital planet… DROMUND KAAS.  They’d moved my Jedi Consular to the capital of the Sith Empire.

I went to log in to see if he’d misspoken and actually put me elsewhere, but the game was down until 3:00 my time.  In that time, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it to be accurate, to find myself on the Imperial Capital just so the story would have an appropriate ending.

I was disappointed again.  I was on the Republic Fleet.

Even though they did FINALLY resolve the issue, it took them as long as it took my fleet pass to cool down, they proved they COULD have resolved the problem much sooner by moving me to the Republic Fleet, and the email was so dismissive (again) that they didn’t even know what faction I was in.  Three more wonderful indications of Bioware’s custserv.  At least it’s over.


Stubborn (and finished)

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  1. March 15, 2012 6:41 pm

    I have to thank you for writing all that – whenever I get into one of these surreal customer support loops I eventually begin wondering if I’m losing it, or are they really as arrogant and incompetent as I think. Reading your post was very reassuring to me regarding my own sanity, for which I thank you – and I felt your frustration there, big hug – Av

    • March 16, 2012 10:42 am

      Thanks (: I’ve had more than my fair share (well, that may not be true – let’s go with “I’ve had a lot”) of these types of experiences, but usually from larger utilities, primarily Verizon. When I lived in NYC for 6 years, we had our DSL go out every 6 mos. or so, and every time it was the exact same problem, which existed outside our apartment on a telephone pole. Regardless, I had to go through the same process the first 4 or 5 times of dealing with the bottom levels of tech support. Finally I got so frustrated I told a higher-up tech that I was going to drop their service if I couldn’t get another number to call. Surprisingly, he gave me an extension that would connect me directly to the local support guys, and after that, I could just call them. I still use Verizon now as a result.


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