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Coming Back to Life

January 17, 2012

Dear Reader,

Well, in a half hour, my vacation is officially over.  It seems like I should be dreading this, and I am, but not because of the ending.  It’s going to be a hell of a semester, and I’m teaching a lot of courses I’ve never taught before, but I’m used to it.  It still have a small fear of the first day even after all this time, but once the class really starts, it goes.  There’s no time to worry when you’re learning names, explaining your expectations, and convincing these kids (students, actually, since many are adults) that they can, in fact, learn.

Things may be a bit off schedule and light for a week or two while my schedule gets cemented and I see where I have my free time.  I assume I’ll be keeping up with the M/W/F postings in the early afternoon, as I have an office hour then, but we’ll have to see whether that’s a realistic expectation or not as time goes by.  Hopefully it is.  I have several good ideas about both WoW, SWtoR, and psychology bouncing around, but they’re only in their zygotic phase at this moment.  More on them later.

For the record, I’ve been fine not playing WoW for the past few weeks, but for the first time in a while, I got a pang within the last few days to go give Azeroth a visit just to see what’s up.  No action on it yet, but SWtoR is still taking up most of my gaming time, though it’s been few and far between.  I’ve been online a fair share, but the same old creepings of group leveling have been keeping us from really playing.

My buddy missed a huge play session about a week ago, and our later conversation went like this.

“Where were you, dude?  We missed like six hours.”

“I was sick.  I think I ate too much beef.”


Ah, friends.  This past Saturday he no-showed again after getting his tooth pulled on Friday morning.  Apparently he had uncontrollable shivers and stayed in bed all day Saturday.

“You couldn’t log on and let us know?  We waited for like two hours.”

“I couldn’t stop shaking; I was just trying to get some sleep.”

“Did you go to the doctor?”



It’s not that I doubt him; I don’t.  It is, though, that he’s my friend and I worry about him.

Hopefully with a schedule appearing we can get into a more routine play setting, as I’m looking forward to pushing into the next planet, Balmora, and seeing what they have in store.

More next time, dear reader!


Stubborn (and busy busy busy)

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