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It’s Friday Where I Am -or- Another Pleasant Evening

December 16, 2011

Dear Readers,

I was very interested in how our raid tonight was going to go.  For the first time, we had a second night in Dragon Soul.  Because we stagger the nights between Tuesday/Thursday and Monday/Wednesday, the first lockout we had Morchok on farm AND were getting 3 attempts was this week.  On Tuesday, the raid got frustrated after a few failures and went to BH to clear it, so that, too, was eliminated as a possibility.  We had to just stay and glass chew.

I was very curious as to how the raid would handle it.  Straight up glass chewing can be very frustrating with a team that’s already pulling apart.  I was worried that after a few failures, the team would become very frustrated.  On top of that, we had a wildly different team (another issue with this guil) than we had last time.  We replaced the shaman with another paladin healer, we replaced the late tank with the extra tank, and two dps cycled in who weren’t available the previous raid night.  It was looking like it would be – if nothing else – interesting.

The second tank was a bit squishy, but overall he was better geared.  He had a 377 pvp shoulder instead of his good old 308 one, but it had mastery and expertise on it, so it was almost certainly an upgrade.  However, he didn’t have DBM, which okay, I can respect that choice, but he also didn’t know how to make me a focus target so he could taunt at 3 stacks of the void bolt, so I was going to have to call it out every time.  Fine.  I can adapt.

On our second attempt, we hit the enrage timer again, which even though it’s a failure, it’s a better failure.

Except…the boss had 11 million hit points left.  I crunched some math; we were ~18k dps short.  Eighteen thousand.  That’s a whole extra person – who does better dps than most of our raiders.

Things started to fall apart.  After an hour, the RL/GL started making noises about doing something else, but cooler heads prevailed and we pushed on.  Since she’d had a few glasses of wine, she was being a little loose lipped.  She was a bit nasty to the 17 year old for no reason, and he whispered me “See?”  I pointed out he’d said it didn’t bother him, but if it did, I’d handle it.  He never responded to that but spent the rest of the time whispering to me about his frustration.

The priest healer got a bit pointed in his criticisms, but they were accurate.  We left a melee dps on the boss for the ooze phase and were able to get down the oozes – 80% of the time.  He eventually got upset, saying that it made no sense that we could do it easily some times and not do it at all others.  I agreed.

The healing wasn’t great, either.  The new healer wasn’t really any better than the shaman, and he didn’t have a useful buff.  We traded spirit link totem in particular and all the other totems in general for ret aura.  Bad trade.  Now I know; the shaman has to stay.

At 10:30, a half hour early, the RL called the raid and decided to do a 3d Sarth run.  I had assumed with BH out of the way, we wouldn’t have any distractions to waste our time with.  I underestimated the guild’s desire not to try, I guess.  I was asked if I was interested, and I was silent because I was hoping that people would speak up to keep trying (as they had previously), but alas, no.  When asked again, I pointed out they only needed 1 tank and probably only 1 healer to do 3d, and the RL/GL – drunk and frustrated – snapped at me, “It sounds like you don’t want to go so, uh, you’re kicked,” which I was, from the raid.

Indeed.  Appreciation takes strange forms; it didn’t go unnoticed by me, though, and I was a bit perturbed.  All the same, if I can deal with the 17 year old, and I can deal with the 15/28 year old tank, and I can deal with glass chewing, dealing with one more straw shouldn’t break my back.  Shouldn’t being the operative word.  However, you may remember, dear reader, that I was asked not to “shout over” the RL prior to now, but when I’m silent, I’m called out for it, and when I don’t argue but make my feelings clear, I’m snapped at.  Phooey.

All that said, we did have one really good attempt where we did everything right and had the boss down to 63% with 7 minutes left to go.  The healers could keep the tanks up during an adds + Yellow (I think… maybe blue) phase, so it was wasted.  That attempt, though made me believe that we could down the boss, but to be honest, who cares?  18k dps short is insanity.  So that’s about that, really.  Even if it’s half that – 9k short – I don’t see us squeezing that much blood from a stone.  We can’t solo tank it nor two heal it, so we just have to have better dps and heals (to some degree), plain and simple.


Stubborn (who doesn’t dps or heal right now, but wishes he did, so he could feel more in the right about complaining about dps and heals, which are much tougher than tanking)

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  1. Imakulata permalink
    December 16, 2011 3:44 am

    Sorry to ask but I’m not sure I understood well – did she kick you out of the guild? Or just out of the raid?

  2. Dreamer permalink
    December 18, 2011 2:13 am

    Been following the posts here with interest for a while, and would like to thank Stubborn for providing such interesting reads 🙂

    Here my 2 cents regarding the current boss you’re working on.

    Yorsahj should be 1 tankable.
    …which is also the way my guild(s) does it.

    It’s also 2 healable depending on your healers output, but 3 might be a bit safer though.

    The minimum dps for Ultraxion is about 26k which you will need for all 6 dps.
    Might as well ask for that straight up, imho. Would suggest active recruitment, and having a good number of backup dpsers. Trial them in LFR (join together as a group) or BH or FL before DS and replace non performers.
    But honestly its probably a ton easier to just move to another guild who already has things more or less set up though.

    I sincerely believe you deserve better for all the work you have put in and I wish you all the best in progression.

  3. AliPally permalink
    December 20, 2011 10:23 am

    Oh dear! Ret Aura? It’s like a sitcom every time I read your posts. Resistance Aura + Aura Mastery is very potent; as a Paladin healer myself it is my first choice in most encounters. It doesn’t matter that you might have another Paladin already using that Aura, you can still benefit from one AM while the other is on CD. I can’t think of doing any progression encounter where I would choose Ret Aura.
    Also this: “However, he didn’t have DBM, which okay, I can respect that choice”. Well I can’t. A minute to install, and you have a wealth of warnings at your disposal. Why would you not want to use it?
    Plus, he doesn’t know how to /focus the other tank in the group, which is fine, we aren’t born knowing everything, but even as a healer I have my MT on /focus, so at the least teach him how to do it. It isn’t hard (and maybe explain why, too)!
    You got to the Enrage timer, which suggests to me you can manage with less healing. With a Paladin and Priest I suspect you can easily two heal this fight, so bring in another dps. If he/she does 14k, then that leaves the rest of you to amass the missing 4k dps by yourselves – that sounds do-able.

    I hope my comments are helpful, rather than just critical. I would really love to see you succeed. I play on the European servers, otherwise I would be inviting you to join our guild, I really would.

    • December 21, 2011 12:51 pm

      You’re quite right; it is like a sitcom, but I’m stuck playing the straight man who doesn’t get the humor. You’re quite right about Aura Mastery, of course, but since I barely ever heal and my wife feels completely overwhelmed because she’s carrying far more than her fair share of healing, it hasn’t occurred to anyone yet. I’ll mention it next time we go into Dragon Soul; I’m sure it’d make a big difference during yellow ooze phases.

      We did explain to him how to focus, but in the end I had to call for him to taunt every single time. Eventually, I just stopped calling for him to taunt and as more careful with my cooldowns; eventually he would see me dying and get the picture. I’m planning on 1 tanking the fight, which makes me nervous about 2 healing it, but we’ll try a variety of options; if we had 7 dps, we might actually be able to down him before things got too hairy. Then again, we’d need seven decent dps, and I’m not sure there’s that many in the whole guild.

      As for DBM, I can respect the decision if it was made from an informed position and not just that the doofus had never thought about it (which I find likely). Some people prefer to play the game “pure,” (though early DBM made it nearly impossible now to play without) so fine. It’s their choice. I can choose not to play with those people (there’s the real problem).

      I greatly appreciate all comments and have never found one that I didn’t feel was helpful. Keep ’em coming!

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