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Mobus Dick

December 12, 2011

Dear Reader,

Call me Stubborn.  As I was short on things to do, I found myself hanging around Stormwind harbor earlier today when the call went out from a lonely Death Knight, an untrustworthy sort if you ask me, that the Great White Whale, Mobus, the Crushing Tide, had been spotted in Stormind!  I quickly searched as far as my eyes could see to find him, but alas, he didn’t seem to be anywhere in the water.

I consulted my nautical charts and learned that Mobus was, in fact, usually found in Vash’jir.  Pointing this out, my new companion and I headed that way.  After a short time searching, I spotted him, but my flaky companion had found his way to dry land (probably to wet his throat with spirits), and told me to wait before engaging the beast.  Since the beast had about 13 million hit points, I suggested we recruit more sailors to take him down.  I asked around at a few bystanders, but got no response.  I noted that some of the bystanders were part of a somewhat locally famous crew of the ship Cataclysm.  That crew frequently is the first to locally down threatening beasts, and has a reputation for being cutthroat pirate types.  Still, I figured I wouldn’t judge individuals for their crew’s reputation.  How foolhardy I am.

The two Cataclysm folks pulled the beast and survived for quite some time.  Since only he who draws first blood can lay claim to the booty, and since I was the first to spot it, I was slightly perturbed, but alas, they were bested by the monster.  I worked quickly to resuscitate the tough individual and once again suggested we combine forces.  Once again, I was ignored.

The beasty was pulled again by pirates from our opposing faction, and I stood by as one by one they were all killed.  I noted more and more of the Cataclysm’s crew showed up, so hoping to appeal to a better soul, I asked aloud if anyone thought we should group.  Finally, I got a response from the same fellow who’d been ignoring me, named Snakpack, I assume because he was cheap, bad for your health, and filled with low quality ingredients.

“Why don’t you shut the &$@^ up?  No one wants to group with your sorry @%*!”

Indeed.  Apparently this crew’s reputation was accurate.  I quietly asked one of his compatriots whether the entire crew was like him, or if he was an anomaly.  Kindly, this fellow, a clerical sort, warned me that not everyone in his crew were like Snakpack, but many were.  I took the hint.

When the beast was downed, I congratulated the priest and asked if anything interesting had dropped.  Unfortunately for him (but satisfyingly for me), their crew had not been the first to draw blood and thus received no spoils.  I noticed that the appropriately named Snakpack was dead, and because I wanted to kill him – with kindness – I rezzed him.  I whispered in his newly-alive ear that I’d rezzed him a second time because I hoped he’d be a little nicer to strangers next time.  “No, I won’t,” he responded.  I wasn’t surprised so much as simply annoyed.  It seemed any time  I did anything outside of my own crew I found agitators like this, and for him to be on such a powerful crew when he was so undeserving bothered me.  “Well, enjoy your small, digital victories,” I responded, and added him to the list of people I would myself permanently ignore.  No real loss.

I asked the priest if Snakpack’s skill was really so great as to offset his undesirable personality, but got no response.  I assume they were communicating amongst themselves about other topics, so I left Azeroth, tired as it always leaves me, but thinking, too.

The Great White Whale, you see, dear reader, the real beast that the World of Warcraft needs to slay, is people like Snakpack.  Mobus may slam you with his tail or fling filthy algae on you, but he’s just a simple beast; he can’t help his behavior.  Snakpack, though, can.  Yet he acts like something lower than algae, like scum itself, and is nestled in the bosom of a powerful crew.  Azeroth’s most heroic sons and daughters are fed up and fleeing its borders because of the Snakpacks of the world.  With so many horizons out there, be they Telara, a Fallen Earth, Middle Earth, or the Wars in the Stars themselves, Azeroth is bleeding the true heroes, and its makers, the deities of the Blizzard, seem to do nothing but make it easier and easier for Snakpacks to exist.

Cheap, unhealthy, and filled ingredients of low quality.  That’s the real white whale, and like Captain Ahab before me, I don’t see a way to fight it without destroying myself.  With no type of response from the gods to that behavior, what can we do?  We can hide amongst our own crews, or become like the monsters themselves and spew our algae and thrash our tails, destroying them and ourselves with them.  And more and more often, my history with the White Whale makes me willing to do just that.


Stubborn (a lowly deckswab)

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  1. December 13, 2011 5:23 am

    Hehe….thou speaketh the truth.
    I always wonder though; you see, I don’t believe that the harder / more restrictive / less accessible MMOs used to keep jerks away. they had their fair share too, but in general less people and less baboons simply because the game asked for more commitment and was less popularly known outside its geeky niche. so, if you met a jerk, at least it was someone you could still consider a fan, rather than some lol-kid that bought the game because Mr. T said so….at least that’s how I feel – biased as it might be. today’s WoW is catering to the wrong crowd for me yes, but besides accessibility sheer server size is another concern imo. I am warming greatly to the concept of player-hosted servers where you can actually choose what crowd to play with and what server type to go for (alternatively make one yourself where social control is yours).

  2. December 13, 2011 8:48 am

    What a strange coincidence, I had just returned to Stormwind after a dungeon finder run and my add-on alerted me to the presence of Mobus as well! Alas, by the time I made my way to his location he was already dispatched. As for players like Snakpack, there seems to still be a high ratio of decent people to asshats, even in the dungeon finder.

  3. Krel permalink
    December 13, 2011 9:10 am

    I think developers really need to start offering ways for the community to self-police. A peer-reviewed point system with appropriate punishments (and rewards for reviewers) would be a good start. You see someone being an asshat, you fill out a point ticket with perhaps a very short summary and a chatlog attached automatically of perhaps the last couple minutes – something like that. Rather than doing your twenty dailies, for example, perhaps you could do ten dailies and ten point reviews. Have everything reviewed by two or three people. Obviously the idea needs work (and it’s not mine originally, don’t recall where it came from) but it would be a start.

    There’s no way game companies can afford to hire enough people to do the job themselves, although some fairly simple expert system stuff would help a lot.

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