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Dragon Soul Quickie

December 9, 2011

Dear Reader,

Our last raid was quite interesting.  We had a better team (not great, but certainly better), where our lowest dps was around 13k (as opposed to having two dps that added up to 13k).  We downed Morchok without comment (my wife got her second piece of off him, the trinket), and the raid leader agreed to move on to Yor’sahj.

The trash there was a joke compared to the trash around Von’ozz.  The boss, though, gave us some trouble, but only in one particular way.  We had the dps to down the oozes before they reached him, and we had the healing to keep people up during the following phases, but whenever we got the stoplight combination – green, yellow, and red – we wiped.

We tried killing the green add, but our healers couldn’t outheal the yellow aoe dps.  We tried killing the yellow add, but we couldn’t find a placement between the spreading out for green and the crowding up for red.  After wiping on exactly the same combination at various times throughout the fight, the raid leader called it and we went and did BH.

I would have liked to keep practicing, but I’m bossy enough without contradicting the raid leader.  I was happy she’d agreed to go the Yor’sahj, which was not her preference, so I wasn’t going to cause a fuss.  Still, practice makes … permanent, anyway, but still we needed more practice.

The key problem I think is the third healer.  We had a new healer last night, a holy priest who was a bit under geared and and lacked experience, and he crushed the third healer.  My wife’s healing was about 40%, the priest’s was about 30%, and the third healer sat around 20%.  On one boss pull he was at 17%… only about 5x more than I did healing myself as a tank.

I’m not sure what the relationship between this guy and the raid leader is, but when I criticized someone else’s dps to her, she was all for replacing him, but when I criticized this guy’s healing, she was defensive.  She said he was less geared than my wife (okay, but so was the priest), she said he was having trouble with all the movement (okay, but my wife – a holy pally – was dealing with it), she said he was dying a lot (well who the hell’s fault is that?), and so forth.  She clearly wants him to be a part of the raid, but he’s simply not cutting it.

She did recruit another healer, but it’s another holy pally, and while I know they’ve changed a lot, we’re already running with 3 pallies in the raid (two tanks and a healer), and the last thing we need’s another holy pally.  I told her to focus on getting another shaman or a druid, but I also understand that recruitment is nearly impossible, so I certainly don’t fault her for taking what she can get.  I’m sure a second holy pally would easily outheal our third healer, anyway.

On a positive note, the frustrated healer turned Dpser was signed up and ready to go, so I’m glad he’s found his way back to the team (he was 3rd on dps, so good), but the 15/28 year old tank was late again.  Not as late as she’s been, but still late.  I guess the one night of on-time behavior was all we got.  I’d already filled her spot, but it was with a very under geared tank – he still has 308 ilevel shoulders (when I saw that I almost went ballistic – run some goddamn dungeons!), but we hadn’t actually started, so he politely left (kudos for the team spirit) and we let her in.  She seemed surprise we’d replaced her, asking “Did you have my spot filled?”  “Yeah,” I replied, “The raid started five minutes ago.”  That goes to show how much leniency she’s been given because of her position as top (and often only) tank.  I told the raid leader after the raid that gear aside, if it weren’t for those shoulders I’d have let the other tank stay.  Hell, I was still in a blue helm and shoulders (346s, but still – but the helm in Well dropped so hooray).  I’ll pass it along to him directly if I see him, and maybe next time she’ll sit out a raid and be on time afterwards – or not.

So overall, it was no more successful of a raid than our previous one, but it was certainly smoother.  We know the challenge we’re facing, I’ve got a clear idea where the problem lies, and we seem to be taking steps to resolve the issue, so who knows?  Maybe we’ll see some progress next week when the new recruits can start raiding with us (the paladin’s already really well geared; I asked him why he wasn’t guilded and he deflected the question, so I have to admit to a small feeling of unease, but I think – hope – it’s unfounded.

Thoughts on the stoplight combination?


Stubborn (and ready for the semester to be over…)

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  1. December 9, 2011 10:16 am

    Your raid is 10man correct?

    With a Green, Yellow, Red combination, you need to kill the Yellow. There is then a balance your group can strike by “loosely grouping up” in a circle around the boss that will minimize the raid damage. It generally should look like your raid is standing in a circle around the boss with everyone about equal distance from the boss as they are from the two people on either side of them. Hopefully that was enough to properly communicate what I mean, I’d be happy to clarify if it wasn’t.

    • December 9, 2011 10:18 am

      We tried that, but couldn’t seem to get it right. I’ll pass along though that this should be our strategy, not trying to outheal yellow. I think I’ve got a pretty good picture in my head of what you mean, so we’ll see if we can pull it off. Thanks!

  2. December 9, 2011 11:28 am

    When we get stoplight, we kill Green. Then we group up tight and AoE heals. We get people to use their damage mitigation CDs too.

    The first time we tried healing through a Red-Yellow combo, it felt like we were one shotted. Then we tried again, standing closer together and it’s been a breeze every since. So don’t give up!

    • December 9, 2011 12:19 pm

      Oh no, now I have two different approaches! Seriously, though, I appreciate the feedback. I’d read to kill green, too, so that was what we did a majority of the tries, but whether or not people were blowing their DR cds or whether the healing wasn’t good enough or whether people didn’t group or what happened I don’t know. I’m pretty sure we can get the boss soon, but I am a bit flummoxed by which strat to go with. So far, one vote in each direction. Thanks!

    • Feature permalink
      December 9, 2011 4:55 pm

      This is the strat we use. Kill Green, stack, use CD’s and very heavy AOE healing

    • December 11, 2011 7:26 am

      Same here, kill green, then everyone blows every cooldown they have to survive the red/yellow combo. Druids’ tranquility is magical, pally does avenging wrath/divine favor/spam holy radiance etc. Save timewarp/heroism for that combo too. Just do whatever it takes to survive that combo.

  3. Mordy permalink
    December 9, 2011 4:16 pm

    We had the same issue as you, Stubborn, stoplight combo killed us several times at first. Killing the green as Ophelie’s team do, hugging up and brute force healing through it works for us. Also, getting used to that level of intense healing was good prep for me as a healer for when we reached Ultraxion and had to drop to 2-healing it to beat the enrage.

  4. Masith permalink
    December 10, 2011 6:56 am

    I would agree with Ophelie strategy as well, kill green and make sure you hug the boss very tightly. Also dont forget to use raid cooldowns you say you have two pally tanks so that is two raid cooldowns already and then I’m sure your healers can use some. I am not sure what yuor other healers are but aura mastery would certainly help as would other healer CD’s. As you don’t have much to do as a tank in that fight maybe you could coordinate the cooldowns on vent to ensure you always have a raid cooldown up for that phase. If you have a lock make sure people use healthstones during that phase if they are dropping low to help out and ofc personal defensive cooldowns should be used.

    As others have said getting used to putting out the AoE healing needed to deal with that phase will help a lot on later bosses.

  5. AliPally permalink
    December 13, 2011 7:26 am

    Someone with a 308 ilvl shoulder? Seriously?

    Let’s see: Doing levelling quests you should be able to get 318s; after that normal dungeons 333s, early heroics 346s, Trolls (but harder than the latest heroics in a pug!) 353s, Tier 11 raids 359s, Molten Front dailies 365s, the new heroics and T12 raids 378s, VP items 397s!

    When we first started Cata raids, we insisted on everyone having an average ilvl of at least 340 for the T11 ilvl 359 raids. I still had a 318 bracer when we started raiding, but that was because there weren’t any others outside heroic Deadmines or Grim Batol at the time, and RNG was not being kind to me. Even so I felt bad about having such a low ilvl on one of my gear pieces. That was a year ago!
    There can be no excuse to turn up for DS raids with a 308 shoulder piece nowadays; none whatsoever.

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