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2 More Games in 2 More Days… and then some More Interesting Stuff

November 4, 2011

Dear Reader,

As I had planned to, I played a few more F2P games over the past two days, still shopping around for something that would appeal to both my friend and me.  I only played two instead of “4” (since I didn’t play Alliance of Valiant Arms), because most of the others had information in their reviews which were enough of a turn off that I didn’t want to play them.  Crimecraft, for example, was said to have RPG elements that were “superficial.”  No point in playing, then.

The two games I did play were Savage 2 and Requiem.  Again, I was testing their accessibility, training, community, and game play.  I was very interested in Savage 2 because it combines RTS elements with an MMO pvp game.  Characters build like in League of Legends, leveling only within the game environment, but one player per team instead acts as an overseer, playing the game from a RTS point of view, like the old Warcrafts or Starcraft.  Savage 2 scored very well; it was a quick download and set up (quick meaning an hour or so).  It had a solid tutorial for the melee class, but offered nothing more than basic combat maneuvers, so if you were playing ranged, a builder, or a healer (those are the 4 I played), then you learned in the field of fire.  There was also a tutorial for the RTS mode, which I thought was a very important tutorial to have, but was basically useless to me as I wasn’t going to try the hardest job the first time I played.

Yes, they're coming to kill me, and they did.

The two games I played were pretty similar.  I enjoyed having a “boss” who was able to watch the whole map and make decisions for the team while the grunts were able to see to it that his will was done.  As hierarchal as that may sound, it worked really well, and is usually what happens in a PvP game anyway, except now the leader wasn’t being distracted by, you know, PvP.  I also liked that you could switch which character you played when you died, responding to threats more effectively than just by respawning as the same class.  I tried four classes, as mentioned above, and enjoyed playing each of them.  It was a fun game.

The community was good, too.  I let my team know I was a brand new player, and while they didn’t give me any particularly specific tips about this or that, the overseer was commanding and knowledgeable enough to direct me around, which is all I ever want at first, anyway.  His strategies helped me learn how to play, how to respond, and so forth, so the act of mentoring is in essence built into the game.  It was excellent design.

An RTS where you can't directly control your characters... sounds like a nightmare.

On the other hand, I was very disappointed with Requiem.  I’m not sure if I misinterpreted the reviews I read or what, but Requiem was just a poor WoW-like MMO.  The interface is bad, not allowing for clicking interactions (you have to hit a key to start attacking and to loot, in other words).  While that’s not inherently “bad,” these tiny quality of play designs add up over a few hours of playing.  I chose a wicked looking race and class, knowing nothing about anything, and launched in.  There was a tutorial which was useful for people who’ve never played MMOs before – or people who’ve played better MMOs and were confused as to why click-attack wasn’t working.  The graphics were all right, I guess, but nothing spectacular.  It was bloody, but so what, really?  Overall it was so disappointing I wasn’t even going to include a screenshot, but hell, here’s one anyway.

This just about sums up the game: Gore and Scantily Clad women

In the meantime, my buddy had tried a Steam game he’d seen, Bloodline Champions, but was disappointed with it.  I told him if he was serious about trying a PvP game to try World of Tanks and League of Legends.  A few commentators here said that my experiences weren’t necessarily standard for LoL (though a few others said they were), so I was willing to give it another whirl; perhaps if he enjoyed playing it and the community was all right for him, I’d give it another chance.  In the end, though, strictly from a game play point of view, they were the two most “fun,” with a close third place going to Savage 2, which was just a bit too twitchy for me, though I was happy with the RTS elements.

He’ll try them over the weekend, I assume, and I’ll let you know what – if anything – is decided.  To be honest, all this playing around outside has given me a new appreciation for WoW’s overall design, but really the design wasn’t ever much of an issue so much as the community was.

In other notes, I ended up raid leading – such as it may be – last night when the GL/RL and her husband were having Internet problems.  It was only BH (and then I set up another raid and replaced myself because I had to go to bed), so no major leading really, but it was still sort of nice to pick the reigns back up, as long as I knew I’d be putting them back down.  The 15/28 year old tank (acts like the first number / is the second number) showed up late; apparently it wasn’t a 1 or 2 time thing like I’d hoped but an overall behavior, then, as she has several times before, zoned in and said “BRB.”

I let people know I was pulling the eyes anyway, and did so.  She, of course, had a few go to her and kill her.  We cleaned then up with no problems and moved on.

I felt that it couldn’t have gone better, but then again, I’ve told you before I’m a jerk.

When she got back, she was a little confused and frustrated, asking “Why are the eyes killing me?” (she got back mid-battle). “Because you went afk right as we started,” I responded.

See, I’m in a weird spot.  She’s told the guild leader she’s thinking of taking a break, and if that’s true, just that she wants to take a break, then fine.  I don’t want to cause her to quit, though, because I don’t want to feel guilty about it or put us in a tanking shortage.  She’s been Queen Tank for so long, though, that she’s developed some really bad habits, the latenesses being only one of them.  She’s also bossy and “phones it in” on trash, but I’m kind of bossy, too.

Still, when I had to go last night, I put the group together and then spoke to her privately, telling her I’d heard she’d picked up raids a few times when the RL couldn’t (which I had heard) and asking her to do it again.  She was hesistant, but still, she did it.  She stepped up when she was really needed, which made me gain some respect for her.  There’s a lot of people who would just sit and watch nothing happen for an evening rather than sending out invites, which is almost what happened last night, until I finally just did it myself.  That she was willing to step up made me think there’s so hope for the poor girl yet.  She just needs to realize that everyone is replaceable.

On that note, I asked my buddy if he wanted to step in, since I can do other things when she’s available and he could tank, or he and I could tank when she was late or unavailable (so probably most of the time).  He said he didn’t want to pay 55 bucks again, and I don’t blame him, but I also didn’t think that really sounded like him, so I asked.  “Is that really all that’s holding you back?”


“Fine, I’ll give you an early Hanukkah gift, then.  Mazel tov!” (He’s Jewish, and I know that’s not the correct congratulatory response; according to him I am more of  Jew than he is just from working in the NYC public schools and learning about all the holidays, which he knows nothing about.  Man, this aside got long).

“Fine, I’ll give you an early Hanukkah gift, then.  Mazel tov!”

“No, I don’t want anyone to spend 55 bucks for a month and a half.” (He’s referring to D3).

“Dude, it solves a guild problem, you’ll be a valuable raider, get to raid on your main, and get to play with your friends.  It’s win-win-win-win-lose, and the lose is me paying 55 bucks, which to you is like a win” (yes, I’m a grown man that still says dude).

“Nah, I don’t think it’s worth it.”

So that’s that.  I assume he just doesn’t want to play but doesn’t want to say he doesn’t want to play.  And really, that’s fine.  If you’re done with a game, then you should be allowed to stop.  I’m disappointed, of course, because I’d love to tank with him again, love to have someone to put in the 15/28 year old tank’s spot when she’s late so maybe she’d start being on time, love to have a tank excess (me being the excess), and love to provide more support to a guild I’m new in, but alas.  You can’t make people like things they’re tired of; it only makes them more tired of it.

Anyway, I felt good about last night, and we’ll see about pushing back in to Firelands next week.  I have no doubt we can get Shannox again.  Who to move on to after, though?  Any thoughts?


Stubborn (and -momentarily- satisfied)

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  1. Nina permalink
    November 4, 2011 12:59 pm

    Whatever you do, don’t make Rhyolith your second Firelands boss.

    Baleroc isn’t bad since the nerfs and can be solo tanked, Beth’tilac is good if you have decent dps, and Alysrazor is a really fun tank battle, but you can’t do it with a co-tank who’s phoning it in.

    • November 7, 2011 4:56 pm

      I looked up Baelroc and leared all about him, then was told he had to be the fifth boss 😛
      However, based on your comments, I think we’ll be going with Alysrazor, because even if she does phone in her tanking sometimes, it doesn’t seem like it’s on major raid bosses. She even improvises when needed; she’s not a bad tank, just aloof and a bit self-important (aren’t all us tanks?).
      Thanks for the tips!

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