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Surprise Second Post! Respeccing Ferrel

October 26, 2011

Dear Reader,

This is a really short one.  Being an English major at heart, English teacher by choice, and English professor by fate, I love books.  I like to read, and to make sure there’s good books out there, I like to promote the idea of writing.

As such, I’m linking Ferrel from Epic Slant here who is, in the best manner of all artists, looking for patrons (though he’s using a more modern word – donors).  I’m putting here in print that I’ll be donating $100 dollars to him (but not until I get home from work).  I certainly don’t expect each of you dear readers to do the same, but every penny helps.

If you can donate, great; if you can’t, that’s okay, too.  If you want, just link it.  Think of it as helping to support art all over the world, even though you’re really only supporting one writer who’s writing about WoW (not that that’s a bad thing!  It’s not!).  Think about it.


Stubborn (and trying to be generous but coming off a little pompous and douchey, I think)

Edit: It’s officially done now!

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  1. October 26, 2011 5:48 pm

    I really want to say thank you for your generosity. I had not considered the project in the way you mentioned. It really is similar to the patronage from ages gone by. So with that said, I would be glad to have you as a patron. I appreciate your support and your willingness to share about my work.

    Thank you!

    • October 26, 2011 6:54 pm

      You’re quite welcome, but you should at least let me make the donation first! (:

    • October 27, 2011 2:13 pm

      My mother always taught me to thank early and thank often 😉

    • October 28, 2011 10:15 am

      She sounds like a wise woman, and you’re welcome. I look forward to seeing it in print and knowing that I had at least a teeny, tiny part in it.


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