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Stubborn’s Very Timely BG Review

August 8, 2011

Dear Reader,

While I realize it’s a little silly to be reviewing BGs that have existed for between six and two years, I’ve been doing a lot of leveling via them and haven’t much else to say.  I’ve been leveling a subtlety rogue in the low and high 70 brackets, and this is what I’ve found.

First, the brackets need readjustment.  I had a good time between 71 (when I started this) and 74.  That bracket was pretty evenly matched.  It was possible for an underleveled team to win with good strategy and play.  However, I’ve found since hitting 75 that the team with the highest level toons almost always wins.  It’s absolutely ridiculous to put a 75 against a 78.  The gap is gigantic due to cata gear, and while I can’t wait to take advantage of the disparity myself, it’s been hell since I hit 75 and I’ve really disliked the early stages of this bracket.

Secondly, PvP needs to generate SOME money, like random dungeons do.  I’m broke all the time, and the queues aren’t long enough to farm during, so I’ve not no real source of income.  I’m not really sure why dungeons get justice points AND money, but bgs only get honor points.  Any thoughts?

Now, the BGs, from least to most favorite.

The Worst: Arathi Basin

It’s not that the battleground itself is bad; most people like this one the most. However, I’ve found that a good, small team can win almost any of the other battlegrounds regardless of how idiotic the rest of the team is.  Here, though, you really can’t win if even a small portion of your team isn’t doing what they need to.   It’s depressing when you carefully organize a strike to take two bases simultaneously only to find out that the four or six people you asked to defend your two other bases left and fought in the road, losing you the two bases you had.

Alterac Valley

Once again, I don’t really mind the BG itself, but the amount of zerg stupidity here has been depressing.  For a long time, I tried to explain that defending Galv and THEN zerging pretty much guaranteed a win, but after fifteen or so when I and maybe 3 people went to Galv and everyone else zerged, I gave up.  I’ve won ONE of the AVs I’ve played in the last 5 levels.  Conversely, when I was doing Bgs at 85 and we used the D Galv strat, we had a very high win rate.  This BG proves more than any other that mob rule is the king of PvP, which is why some people don’t like it.

Isle of Conquest

IoC just hit my radar, so I’ve been in the bottom levels of the bracket the entire time, which might have clouded my view.  I’ve liked being able to catapult myself onto towers and kill people and cannons, then drop down and run bombs (if you could get the A-bomb-ination achievement more than once, I’d have it for each time I played.  I don’t dislike this BG so much as I just feel it’s mediocre, a revisit and synthesis of several other BGs smushed into one.  My win rate here is probably about 50/50, so  that’s a good enough design, I’ve just been absolutely destroyed by higher level people over and over here, so it’s soured my taste a bit.

Strand of the Ancients

I like Strand; I know a lot of people don’t.  People seem to grasp the strategy, and as a rogue, I can contribute a lot by slowing the Demos with a nice Shiv.  I find here it’s frequently over very quickly once and drags on once, depending on whose team executes the strategy better.  I feel very useful here, and have (pat myself on the back) at least once directly caused a turnaround and win.  I came into a game that was going poorly and some other sap dropped.  The first gate was down and demos were hitting the second within about 60 seconds (total).  People were already whining about giving up and it being over fast in /bg, so I started shivving like crazy and ordering people around like a jerk (I am a jerk, I know), and we prevented them from downing the 3rd gate and getting to the relic for a further five minutes, giving us about 6 and a half to get there.  I directed a green gate strike and we came back and won.

Warsong Gulch

This is another where a small good team can really win regardless of the other players.  I’ve gotten Ironman two or three times, running with another stunner (rogue, DK, druid) and a healer.  A good sprint, cloak of shadows, or even using shadowstep to get out of the meat grinder has done a lot here.  I’ve found a lot of people know good strategies, too, and utilize them.  I learned about where to hide on defense by being killed repeatedly by a rogue hiding against a door frame in the enemies room, and returned the favor to a few of his players in the same game.  This is definitely one of my favorites.

Eye of the Storm

I like this the most, and I know that’s odd because a lot of people loathe this bg.  I’ve found the cap 3 strategy very effective as I’ve rarely seen an enemy team prepared for it.  The good strategy hitting the lack of preparation has made for a good win ratio (probably 75 percent, but that’s just a guess).  The times we’ve lost were all times where everyone just ran for the flag after capping 2 and ignored me, which of course is to be expected.  In those cases I usually bothered the enemy faction by attacking their defense, causing them to waste troops running to defend a place that wasn’t being seriously attacked.  Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes we lose, but that really sums up all BGs, doesn’t it?

At any rate, it’s been a good experiment, and I’ve enjoyed it on and off.  It’s been a welcome break from the end game nonsense I can’t really put up with for the time being (or maybe ever again).  I’ve also been leveling my resto shammy with my wife, who moved a rogue to that server so we could level together.  We’ve mostly done dungeons, and it’s been a lot of fun, so things are going well overall.  I’m working up to playing my hunter soon (level 31), who hadn’t been touched since the last talent reset (so probably since last winter).  It’s been a good streak.


Stubborn (and vicious, too, if you’re trying to cap my flag)


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