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Weekend Update

August 1, 2011

Dear Reader,

So after last week’s little mix-up, I figured I’d get started bright and early today to wipe away the embarrassing memory.  Then I slept til almost noon.  Ah, well.  At any rate, I have several pieces of news regarding the 10 x 85 challenge, as well as a concession to the PvPers of the world.

First, I’m going to have another 85 today, my fourth.  That puts me – looking at things only as finished or not, 40% of the way there.  My warlock, Magnificient, will be 85 before the end of the day.  My wife and I have been leveling together (2 people is fine for leveling, but any more can be a drag), she on her hunter.

I’ve been leveling affliction, but in hindsight that wasn’t a great pairing with the hunter.  She blows stuff up so quickly that my dots are mostly pointless.  We end up spreading out with free-for-all loot on and not really leveling “together” too much.  In dungeons, I have to turn recount off (and make her do the same) because she’s very critical of her own dps.  However, after asking her to read all of her abilities and see if there’d been any changes (she hadn’t played the hunter since 80 was the cap), she realized 1: that growl was on but not on the pet bar (which made her pet die over and over) and 2: that she wasn’t using bestial wrath or focus fire.  We haven’t done a dungeon since, but I’m pretty confident she’ll destroy me next time with those 3 changes.

When playing solo, I’ve been playing my rogue, which I decided to try to level solely through PvP (yes, I know, but I want to learn about how the other side feels).  I was told not to do higher levels that way by a guildy who said it was too slow a way to level, so I may stop doing it at some point, but for now, I’m trying.  I’ve only ever healed or tanked (AV) in PvP, so I had a lot to learn about dps.  I’ve found that in the leveling BGs, a lot of people don’t know the basic strategies (like cap 3 in EotS).  I’ve also found that I either destroy the enemy or get destroyed; I can only think of one 1v1 fight that was “close.”

I’m enjoying the rogue well enough, and as I considered this, I wondered how my earliest toons shaped my feelings about PvP.  My first two toons were a priest and a paladin, a cloth healer and a tank (this was WAY before dual spec).  In PvP, both can spell disaster if you’re not playing with competent people, and I wonder if that’s what my earliest PvP experiences were (who remembers now).  After that, I leveled a feral druid, and by that point Iwasn’t interested in PvP, so I never did any with him (though apparently feral druids are stupidly good at PvP).

My only real complaint has to do with gear.  I don’t know what to do in the levels between 74 and 78.  I have a full pvp set, but it’s a level 70 set.  Should I ditch the pvp stats for better gear?  Should I keep the pvp gear until I can buy cata gear?  Should I use the level 78 blue pvp set instead of cata stuff (I doubt that, since cata stuff is so good, but then again, I’m using BC stuff now).  I’m just not sure, and I can’t find a place that discusses gearing; it seems to be too basic a question to bother answering.  Any suggestions out there?

As I reach the end of my rested bonus on these toons, I have to decide what I’m doing next.  I know when my wife and I play together it’ll be my warrior and her druid (they’re only level 13 at the moment), but I’m not sure about solo.  I’ve a hunter, a priest (the same one mentioned before), my shammy, and a DK to level solo for now.  I’ll probably continue the shammy next; I’ve enjoyed healing dungeons.

At any rate, more philosophical stuff to come later this week.  For today, that’s that.


Stubborn (who leveled feral but didn’t eat allies in bgs)

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  1. Kierbuu permalink
    August 1, 2011 3:36 pm

    I leveled through ‘Wrath’ content in my old PvP (season 3 or 4) set until lvl 77. At that point the quest rewards just got a bit better so I switched to PvE gear. If you haven’t been questing much on the character you may not have the ability to switch gear like I did though, so maybe the blue lvl 78 PvP set is worth gathering (if you can get it at a reasonable price). I don’t think the ‘Cata’ quests open up until lvl 80 and the crafting doesn’t start until lvl 80, so unless you have access to lv 78 ‘Cata’ drops, you won’t be able to switch the lvl 78 blues to ‘Cata’ greens until 80.

    Long story short, keep your 70PvP gear until 78. Switch to 78PvP gear if you can. At 80 start questing in ‘Cata’ zones or get massacred by those PvP players that did. ‘Cata’ quest rewards are that much better than lvl 80 PvP purples.

    • August 8, 2011 11:47 am

      Yeah, I’m being massacred already, unfortunately. I’m going to have to figure out how to get money (by figure out, I really mean go and farm, since I have two gathering profs) so I can start buying cata greens at 77 or 78.

      Thanks for the advice!

  2. August 3, 2011 12:16 pm

    Generally speaking, ride the 70 PvP gear until you can get the 78 blue gear. Getting it crafted is actually a challenge, so mix it in with cata greens, but keep in mind that Resilience is still going to be a very good friend.

    The 80-84 bracket can be kinda brutal, especially at the upper end of the bracket. You have a lot of health, but due to stat scaling you don’t hit as hard as you did at 80. It’s the strangest thing – I romped all over the bracket at 80-82 in full Wrathful, and then struggled at 84 in cata gear.

    Good luck!

    • August 8, 2011 11:34 am

      This is what I’ve heard from a few others, too, and even to skip the 78 stuff and just get cata gear. I’m not sure which I’ll do, though the availability of the gear might be an issue. Thanks for the advice!

    • August 8, 2011 8:33 pm

      There’s a bit of a divide in advice here – some folks feel the Cata greens will give you an edge on stats, others (like me) feel the Resilience of the i187 blues gives you a big edge in survivability.

      It’s kinda a toss up, and also very dependent upon what’s available. The crafted blues take a bit of effort to get – they aren’t normally created as part of leveling professions, so you have to plan to get them. And they’re only really good for 2 levels. Cata greens are easier to get, but I honestly think that they’re not as good.

      Whatever you end up getting, good luck!

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