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Radioactive Sheep

July 14, 2011

Dear Reader,

I’m still exploring the irradiated wastelands of Fallout, so I’ve little to say that’s not related to that  game.  The only complaint I have is a little buggy design where some quests don’t react correctly; I’ve twice had to use console commands to restart quests that I clearly finished but somehow didn’t get credit for.

I’m obviously enjoying the game quite a lot (so much, in fact, that I almost simply didn’t do today’s post).  I can briefly describe the game by saying it’s about three warring factions, in which you take sides (or don’t, if you just like to murder people) to decide who will be victor.  There’s the lawfully evil Caesar’s Legion, the Lawfully bureaucratic New California Republic, and the lawfully mysterious robot master Mr. House.  I’m not sure who I’m going to ally with, since I like to do the “good” thing but they all seem a little tarnished.  I don’t want to kingmaker myself (it would result in a lot of blood, unfortunately), but I may have no choice.  I don’t trust the two “good-ish” factions, and I already murdered Caesar (Et tu, Stubborn?), so…

I’ve enjoyed that it’s slightly “harder” than the last Fallout (3), also.  Instead of getting perks every level, you get them every other, so it reduces your character’s specialties a bit.  I do wish there were more perks to choose from, but that’s just me; there’s nothing the matter with the ones they have, but the last few I chose because they were the best of what’s left, not because I really liked them.

I also really enjoy “hardcore” mode, which makes you eat, sleep, and drink water in a not-at-all realistic fashion, though it’s better than being able to completely ignore them.  Ammo also has a weight in this mode, but I haven’t had a problem with ammo at all; there could stand to be quite a lot less, actually, since I’ve only once or twice in 48 hours of play had to choose which weapon to use to avoid running out of ammo.

I am starting to prepare for the end.  I have a bad tendency (which I’m mentioned before) of stopping games when I know I could win them.  I’ve never done that with a Fallout, but I can feel my interest starting to wane.  It’s what happened to me with Oblivion (same developers) which just had so much to do in so large a world you could play until you were sick of it, which I did.  I don’t want to do that with this game.  It’s a smaller, more contained setting, which helps, but I know I need to finish out that main story line before it’s too late.

Speaking of that…


Stubborn (who is starting to miss WoW, which is a good sign)

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