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Quick Update

June 30, 2011

Dear Reader,

I’ll be out of town for the next for the next few days, so there won’t be any correspondences at least until Tuesday.  I’m working on a post analyzing WoW using an interesting link one of my commentators left for me.  I’m interested to see how it turns out since off the top of my head I’m afraid that most of WoW seems like what that article defines as “busywork disguised as a test” and “non-test” button mashing.  We’ll see, though; perhaps I’m just in a grumpy mood today.

The shammy’s heading to NR tonight after finishing up Hellfire, a few dungeons, and Nagrand.  I had an excellent guild experience yesterday I thought I should share since all my other guild experiences have been pretty poor.  This was on my Ally Shammy on my new server, and so far the guild experience has been pleasant, other than being asked “What’s with all the new people?” right after I joined.  While that was a bit of a sour start, since then people have been supportive, polite, conversational, and congratulatory, though I haven’t actually done anything with any guildies, which is, of course, the ultimate goal.

Yesterday, while bumming around in Nagrand, I was asked if I’d done the Ring of Blood yet.  I hadn’t, and said so, and was invited into a group.  I summoned this guildy, an 85 DK, and he proceeded to help me with the Ring as well as 3 other group quests.  I hadn’t asked for assistance, but he had offered it, which is a uniquely good experience.  “Let me know any time you need something; I’m usually just sitting around,” he said in the end, and left.  I won’t, honestly, because I basically never ask for help, opting to solo the content or skip it, but it’s still nice to have the offer floated out there.  It’s a good sign.

The only other guild experience worth mentioning I’ve had is a guildy making the comment “It’s just a game,” to another guildy, whereupon I added, “It seems like more, sometimes” with a smile.

“No.”  The guildy said.  “It’s a game, by definition.  It’s just a game.”

I didn’t respond because, honestly, I’m essentially a guest in this guild for now and wasn’t looking for any kind of trouble, which even just pointing out I was being silly might bring on.  Moments later, a whisper came in from yet another guildy “Let me warn you,” he said, “She has no sense of humor.”  I responded with a thanks and just let it lie.  I certainly appreciated the warning, though, and filed that away for future notice.  That’s twice, then, that a stranger in the guild was looking out for me.

On a different note, I did get a call back second interview at one of my – uh – interviews (darn there being no synonym), but at the other one I got told politely “no.”  Well, actually, I had to call them to find out, which I find both totally unprofessional and apparently common practice in this state.  I feel like asking the press to investigate the hiring processes in this area to see if everyone being hired is zero experience,  minimum education (which would save the schools money) or whether the decisions are really in the best interests of the students (in which case, it’s just me that they don’t like, not my associated cost). I find it likely that it’s the schools are just trying to save money, but maybe that’s just my ego protecting itself.

Well, I guess it wasn’t that “quick” an update after all, but it will have to do.  See you next week, dear reader, and if you’re in a place that celebrates a holiday this weekend, enjoy!


Stubborn (who’s spending this weekend visiting his wife)

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